Jim Cooper wrote:

> Based on the responses so far:
> I officially withdraw my nomination for list administrator.
> Good luck to all the other nominees.
> (Btw, if Craig Greeson steps up to the plate, I vote for him.
> Otherwise, I shall reserve my vote until I know all the candidates).

I'd like to state, first, I've been lurking for over a year now, and, secondly,
I think you had great intentions but went about it the wrong way Darren.

Originally you wanted someone to manage this list because of troubles in the
past (i.e., the alignment story; the shots of "who's country is better then my
country" joke that ran on WAY TOO LONG; etc., etc.).

Unfortunately, trying to be funny or not, you sounded more like, "this is how
I'd like to see the list so conform!" -- a very wrong way to keep discussions
on *and remember this folks* a fantasy game that all of us enjoy, therefore
we've subscribed to this list. Also remember that we're not physically seeing
you in person and therefore the expression on your face can't be viewed to
determine if you're joking or not -- remember this because it's an important
fact about this list -- IT'S ALL IN TEXT!

Now we have to decide who to vote for. Right now, this list is a mess with "I
want to be the administrator" and "I'll either vote or not vote for you!"

Why don't we all follow the suggestion of Rob Miracle () who

"If you are interested in being this list admin. I want you to send me a
private email with the subject 'BR-ADMIN Candidate.' Do not nominate any one
else, just yourself if your interested.

In the message, list any experience that you have running lists and a brief
'Why I would make a good list-mom' statement.

Then on Tuesday, after I go though 10,000 mail messages, I will put together a
ballot sheet based on the volunteers and their info and post it to the list.
List members will then vote on their candidate by sending a message with VOTE -
BR in the subject. I will tally the votes and post the winner by Friday."

Do this folks because this makes a heck-of-a-lot more sense than everyone
replying to this list individually and making a real mess of the process.

Lurker or not, every-so-often I do have something to say and contribute.

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