Has anyone out there run a campaign where one of the players is or
became an Awnshegh? Any thoughts on what adventures or focus such a
campaign should have? I don't want to get off on a whole good vs evil
role-playing tangent here, this is a game and sometimes its fun to be
the bad guys.

I've had a BR campaign going on a year and a half now,(on and off-hey
some of us have jobs) where the central character is a battle priest of
Belnik with an Azrai bloodline. The rest of the party are his
retainers/co-rulers (fighters hold law, thieves hold guilds, etc.)
The party is generally evil aligned, with a notable neutral exception
(one of two and a half thieves) and as a group like playing 'under' the
central ruler. The party has carved a kingdom out of the Black Spear
Tribes, banished el-Shielghul to the Shadow World, taken over several
nearby countries, and even managed to destroy the Basilisk (though it
cost several lives.) It has been a satisfying campaign to this point
for all concerned.
With the taint of Azrai, the players and I agreed that the central
character would become an Awnseghlien eventually. All of my players
have done a good job role-playing their characters, and playing evil.
(An amazing amount of time is wasted in the kingdom by the Awnshegh
settling squabbles and keeping each character from killing each other,
evil sometimes just doesn't pay.) Now he is entering a 'Brooding' stage
of Awnshegh, where he waits for others to challenge him and contemplate
bold attacks to seize more of the world. (some imitation of the Gorgon
here :>)
The central character has mutated, taking on lion-like features as well
as a very short temper and a vengeful streak. He lives more or less for
war, and has tried to bring war to everyone he has contact with. In
short, the character is a monster. I don't plan on forcing NPC status
for the character, as long as he keep playing well.

Sorry to ramble a bit, but I wanted to give a proper background to my
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