This is much better - now people are starting to give their opinions.

((No offence, Keith et. al. but) I want more minds to draw from than
those of just Morg and a few others all the time).

BTW, the amount of list traffic has increased and the variety has
improved. I very much like this turn of events ...


Craig Dalrymple wrote:
I am withdrawing my vote in your favor and casting it against you
now. Please do not take this personally, but I cannot agree with your
strongest "rule/demand/idea" for list governance.

Not at all. This is exactly what I wanted. Thank you.

Deleting lurkers who do not post ever is like deleting that kid
who comes into your Hobby Store every week and looks at the Birthright
Boxed Set.

Well, the way I see it (to take your analogy): The kid is not helping
me keep my rent coming in or allowing me to pay my distributor - if all
he does is look at the box, pretty soon NOBODY will be able to look at
the box (or better yet, buy it), because I'd be outta business for not
paying my bills!!!! Now both of us lose out, as do all my future (and
past) customers. Isn't this same analogy a small part of the 'sales
problem' that put BR on 'hiatus'?

What I propose to do is: if I notice this kid looking at this box after
six months (!) I would say: "Look, trust me - its a great game. Are you
going to buy it? No, well, why don't you just do a little work around
the shop, and when you've 'paid' for it, then you can take the box home.
No, you don't want to work? Well, then, I can't help you sonny. Maybe
your friend will be able to buy the box for you and let you look at it.
But I can't let you stop others who are willing to work for it from
looking at it, if you are holding the box all the time. Sorry. Come
back later if things change. Hang around the shop if you like, but
please at least *say* you will buy something eventually. Heck, just say
thank you for me for getting this game in! Anyways, thank you! Bye."

If nobody says anything on this list, and everyone just sits around
lurking for something to read, that's certainly not generating interest
in the game. Case in point - a dozen or so listers all came up with
this great idea to devote a website to collecting info on BR ... but
where has this gone so far? As far as I'm aware, its still just an
idea. That was (what?) a month ago since it was suggested? Same idea
with the BROCP.

I want this site to be a haven for reams of info on BR - buts its not
going to reach that if nobody posts stuff (or at the very least, if
we're just relying on a few people like Morg, Ian, etc., its going to
take *years*. I want to buy new BR next year. I believe we all came to
the consensus that showing TSR the great amount of interest in this
campaign would be a huge impetus to bring its production back. You all
want this to happen 10 or 20 years from now?).

Secondly, your last rule is flat out wrong. Whomever the
administrator ends up being, I can promise one thing for sure, they will
eventually be wrong.

Ummm ... hmmm. Did you miss the smiley face? I guess I just deadpanned
on that one ...

If the administrator comes out and says he's wrong, than that means he
IS wrong, which makes him *right* ... every other time he is also right
too, so in fact the last rule is quite correct ... :D


(does your head hurt now?) ;D

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