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    Tommy Ashton II

    War Strategies (Was: Lurking an

    Morg wrote:
    >If your attack seems unprovoked, you will soon find yourself facing an >alliance of regents that will be tough to beat. The trick is to get >your enemies possible allies' to side with you, or at the least, agree >to stay out of the fight.
    An addition to this is timing. Be always prepared but be patient. Most
    players WILL go to war sooner or later, in players blood. In every game
    I have DM'd or played the players usually within two years attacked.
    Attack when least expected, perferably when the defending country is
    already engaged.
    > A few turns of some contest and agitate actions to get his land worked >up, and then once more you proceed to the 'diplomatic forum' and accuse >the enemy of being a poor regent etc.
    This is a must. As my players can attest to you must have magics I
    believe to win a fight, be they priestly or wizardly. Have your priest
    or wizard set up sources or temples ahead of time in the countries.
    This also helps to kill those damn warding spells. Wizard sources are
    great as I believe non landed regents can't detect them.

    > Now you should be just about ready to wade the troops across the >border. The more the merrier IMO. You have to try and strike in >several areas at once, so that his forces are not conglomerated together >into a massive battle tank. While your first wave goes in, you muster >more troops in action round 1, and send them in ASAP, so that you can at >least get a month of fighting out of them before you pay maintenance.

    I agree with this to a point. Strike hard into several areas, if he has
    fortifications follow Morg's advice. If he doesn't then try to
    conglomerate his forces in one province, meet him here with your main
    army. While he is doing this flood your remaining army into the
    surrounding provinces. Make it decisive and quick. Then if he
    surrenders make him demuster the troops then he has to remuster at high
    GBs. And don't pillage unless you don't want to keep the provinces!
    But have priests and wizards in your party, they are a must.
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    War Strategies (Was: Lurking an

    Oh, I forgot one thing. If you've lost the war and the enemy has occupied all of
    your holdings and is looking to divest them (or if he has divested them and is
    looking to contest/occupy them) for a takeover, use the Disband action. If you
    don't have the RP to bid against your opponent in the investure, simply disband you
    holdings. This way are destroyed (so unfortunately you can't take them back) but
    the enemy can't take over your intact holdings.

    Always plan for what to do if you lose.

    > In short, raise lots of troops, talk more than your opponent, and kill any
    > wizards you find. :)
    > Morg ('the guilder' who usually tries to get his Landed regent to fight for
    > him.)
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    War Strategies (Was: Lurking an

    In a message dated 05/28/99 9:21:57 AM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

    > But have priests and wizards in your party, they are a must.
    > T

    Ain't that the truth! Priest magic, especially, makes all the difference.
    My campaign is still young so only a couple of minor battles have been fought
    so far, but in each case the PC regent kicked butt because of his battle
    priests. I have realized that any armies I send against him must be
    accompanied by powerful battle priests or forget about the whole idea.
    Because battle magic is so powerful, we have decided to limit the number of
    priests capable of casting battle magic. The levels of battle priest(s)
    cannot exceed the level of a temple holding in a province. For example, a
    province with a temple holding 3 can produce one 3rd lvl battle priest, 3 1st
    lvl priests, or any combination equaling 3 total levels. Wizards are not a
    problem IMC because they are so few and far between, they are already limited
    in number. IMC the PC regent is baron of Roesone, and he has a set number of
    IHH battle priests called Haelyn's Judgment. You can also limit battle magic
    by making players adhere to the assistant and material component requirements
    of some spells, which can be a logistical pain in the butt.
    As far as strategy and tactics, an army should be spread out and attacking
    several provinces at once. This forces the enemy to spread out his battle
    priests. A concentration of battle priests and wizards in one province can
    destroy an opposing army quickly. As for individual battles, never
    concentrate your troops in the same battle square unless you are certain the
    enemy does not have access to Hammer Storm. This spell affects all enemy
    units in the same square, and if multiple priests are casting it, it can have
    devastating results. However, we have modified this spell so that it can
    only affect a single unit when used against enemy units who are within a
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    War Strategies (Was: Lurking an

    In a message dated 5/28/99 4:51:33 PM Central Daylight Time, writes:


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