>(bi-annually) to see who is being active on this list. Members the
>administrator deems to be 'non-active' will be treated like they way
>they act - contribute nothing at all, get nothing at all in return.
>This translates into losing your membership in this forum. Its that
>simple, and don't think you deserve any better if you are a non-active
>member. If all you want to do is read, get the digest mode of this

Jim/Darren or whatever your name is,

I have a real problem with this. As I stated in my post of a couple of days
ago, I lurk on this list. Why is that ? Why do I lurk and not post ?

I like the concept of the BR setting. I don't play an active game at
present, except a slow moving strategic/world conquest PBeM based on the BR

I don't know a lot about the setting, but there are some people here who do.
I can learn from them.

You suggest going to the digest if you are going to lurk. Why restrict
access to the digest for lurkers ? What difference does it make. I am less
likely to read digests than individual mails. I live on my computer
anywhere from 8-12 hours a day and I'm far more likely to read individual
posts as they come in rather than digests.

The rest of your 'rules', apart from the last one where you are always right
(You're human. You'll make a mistake. Live with it). If not for this one,
I'd probably vote for you. I've been on lists where flame wars have gone on
ad infinitum. Swift kicks in the pants are very good ways to deal with

Since Adam has accepted his nomination and does not want to become big
brother over lurkers, he has my vote.

Oh and if Jim/Darren ends up winning, if he doesn't change this particular
'rule', I'll be unsubscribed from the list in protest immediately.
Birthright loses another possible convert since there's little else as neat
as this list out there where you can get information.

Steve, a lurker who will remain that way, more likely than not
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