Welcome Barry!!!

**NEVER** be afraid to post because you think you are 'uneducated' or 'green'
to the Birthright Game. I have been playing for about a year and half, and am
still learning as I go. As long as you're not calling someone a clown cause
they read a rule wrong, you should be fine. ;)

Also, PBeM is an excellent way to learn the system IMO. That is how I learned
the game myself,
(and also with the contributions from this list).

Anyway, you asked:

"Barry P. Mac Innis" wrote:

> Now that I expressed my opinion, I'd like to put forward a topic....
> I'd like to see a discussion on strategy and tactics in birthright,
> including the use of mage and priest magic. My exposure to "war" in
> Birthright is non-existant....and so I would like to hear everyone's
> "secret" strategies for success! :)
> Barry

I must confess that I too would *LOVE* to see this sort of thread open.

For myself, I traditionally sock away tons of cash, and prepare to hire massive
amounts of troops. While this is all going on, I generally begin my
'diplomatic attack', and try to find some instance of scandal to use against my
enemy in the public forum. (This is usually not very hard.) ;)

Once a topic has been found, then on with the game of words.
You initiate an accusation, and try to get the other regents to support you,
and oppose your enemy. If there is one thing that you must *NEVER* do in a
birthright game is march into war without considering the neighbors. If your
attack seems unprovoked, you will soon find yourself facing an alliance of
regents that will be tough to beat. The trick is to get your enemies possible
allies' to side with you, or at the least, agree to stay out of the fight.

WIth this successfully done, you shut down any trade routes that you are able
that the enemy can gain moneys from. A few turns of some contest and agitate
actions to get his land worked up, and then once more you proceed to the
'diplomatic forum' and accuse the enemy of being a poor regent etc. (Since
most players will try to squash any peasant uprisings quickly, and we all know
how much landed regents love to tax) ;)

Now you should be just about ready to wade the troops across the border. The
more the merrier IMO. You have to try and strike in several areas at once, so
that his forces are not conglomerated together into a massive battle tank.
While your first wave goes in, you muster more troops in action round 1, and
send them in ASAP, so that you can at least get a month of fighting out of them
before you pay maintenance.

Of course, all this assumes there are no wizards. If there are wizards, watch
out for the hated but popular 'Warding' spell. Once that comes up, your attack
is over.

In short, raise lots of troops, talk more than your opponent, and kill any
wizards you find. :)

Morg ('the guilder' who usually tries to get his Landed regent to fight for
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