> Therefore, if you feel the need to discuss topics which are related to
> Birthright (ie: discussion of converting BR material to another TSR
> world), but are NOT DIRECTLY Birthright(tm) RPG RELATED, please take
> your discussions elsewhere. Permission is hereby granted to post a
> desire for such discussions, but further responses after the first not
> directly related to the Birthright(tm) RPG will be met with removal of
> posting priveleges by the administrator. Exceptions will be made with
> the approval of the administrator.

a bit heavy-handed IMO - I personally don't mind the discussions on
alignment, BR conversion, etc

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> ***********************
> Please read and save this message for future reference.

no need to - anyone can get the FAQ at any time by sending a message to
majordomo@mpgn.com with "info birthright" in the BODY of the message (NOT
the subject line). Be sure to delete any signature. The listserv software
will then return the FAQ to you.

> 8) Personal notes should be kept to a minimum. Its your personal

> Its that
> simple, and don't think you deserve any better if you are a non-active
> member. If all you want to do is read, get the digest mode of this
> forum.

I have a big problem with desubscribing people who don't contribute. Others
have given many reasons for this, but I do not think this is the way to go.
And if this is the way that things head, then the setting *WILL* lose a lot
of interest.


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