Hello birthright@lists.imagiconline.com,

I received that from another list on the same server (the mystara one) :Date: Wed, 26 May 1999 23:57:30 -0600
From: "Leroy Van Camp III"
Subject: [MYSTARA] - [ADMIN] Appearantly We Moved...

Mystarans and Spacefarers,
Some of you have noticed the test on the list from someone
at MPGN, plus the alteration in address. It would seem we have
moved. This is actually as much news to me as anyone else.
I knew MPGN was bought out by someone, but I didn't know
we were going to see an alteration in the address.
Please note that the new addresses are...



So go ahead and start using them. AFAIK there are no other
changes to come about.

So it seems the both birthright@mpgn.com and birthright@lists.imagiconline.com
are working now, however i sugest you change to the new one because i
think the first will dissapear soon

and my vote to an admin is to any friendly lurker

Back to lurking....
- -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
Antonio Lopez
aka Gran C mailto:101659@ingta.unizar.es
ICQ : 35644607 Fax : (603) 737-8559

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