To each their own with the style of playing BR - and the game is suited to a
wide variety of style and focus. I think it should simply follow the groups
average preference. (apologies if the logic doesn't flow too well, flu has
taken it's mind-numbing hold on me :~(
The first group I ran in the BR setting had one regent and 5 luies who spent
most of their time sitting on their butts, getting old, awaiting another chance
to adventure and back to waiting again. The group I'm currently running has
one regent playing by E-mail only and 6 adventurers who don't need to worry
much about domain actions (although the political intrigue of the local regents
is dictating much of their opportunities for role play and adventure.
I think if I return to the 'problem' of having a sole regent in the playing
group (unless I put them on E-mail only) is to make any action taken by the
regent an adventure that they all must participate in - the GB & RP are still
spent, but the dice roll (done by myself) will simply represent the difficulty
of the adventure. This will involve breaking down the actions into what they
would be actually composed of (more paperwork *grumble*), and working out how
dangerous I'll make an action 'failure'. Perhaps some formulae like total
level required for adventure (going on the 'Dungeon' magazine as a standard) =
total current party level plus twice the shortfall from the target number.
Anyone else use something similar?



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>From: On Behalf Of Kenneth Gauck
>>I now very much enjoy the BR setting, however I do find that
>>the game can become focused on the regents and their Domain
>>Turns, and sometimes role playing can be left behind to an extent.
>So, just because a game has little to do with adventuring, the role play can
>be even greater in BR.
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