There a quite a few messages in the last few days that I want to comment on,
so instead of commenting on each one individually, I'm just going to make
one long message......

Removing Lurkers....

Like Sir Spud I, I only get to post every once and a while. I'm currently
doing my Master's Degree in Civil Engineering and as such usually only have
time to read the messages not comment on them. I don't see why it would be
even considered to remove lurkers from the list. Just because we don't
comment doesn't mean we're not interested.....

The 'Crystal Mage'.....

In one of the campaigns that I'm currently in, I was in a situation that is
similar to what you're thinking of. My character (a mage) had just died and
instead of making a new character, the DM converted an NPC into a character
for me. This character was important to the story line and became much more
interesting once I took him over. However, the original NPC was unblooded
and after I took him over the DM and I expanded the character's influence
and he needed to become blooded to take over some guilds (he was a thief).
The DM decided to let me and we developed a way to gain blood. To do this I
"appropriated" a mebhaighl stone from the other characters and devised a way
to destroy it (though this did involve my "pet" fire elemental). Then my
character absorbed the blood from the stone during its destruction. I was
able to gain blood but only by destroying a powerful artifact. Giving blood
to an unblooded character can represent a major shift in power and should
not be done without major sacrifice.

Death and Final Solutions Must be Fair......

I agree with Alaric that the death of a character should only come after
some warning. However, several of the existing adventures do not give you
this option. For example, in the Family Matters adventure in Ruins of the
Empire during the assassination attempt, the character gets one role of the
dice to save his life and that's it. Although my DM has used this adventure
several times to force a character to become a regent (he gets the player to
play the son of the regent, the regent then being assassinated and the
player being forced to take over), from the player's point of view these can
be unfair. Similar instances can also be found in the Sword od Reole
adventure were several traps in the Sun Tomb are instant death without
warning. If the DM wants to use these adventures, he is forced to either
change then to give the players warning (which may ruin the adventure) or
use them as is and possibly kill the party. To often a lazy DM will let a
role of the dice (such as a dex check to avoid the boulder) decide wether
the character lives or dies. Anything that may lead to the death of a
character should be role played and not just roled.

Multiple Messages.....

Like several of the other, I to am getting 2,3 and 4 copies of some of the
messages. This is only happening to the messages from this list so I have
to assume that it is the list and not my mail server....

Well, I guess that's enough of my two cents for now.....


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