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well, this is my campaign as it stands now. if by any chance Randy
or Todd you are on this list, don't read this. (for the rest of you,
those are my players). if you want to, then i can't stop you, just
don't use this knowlwge in your playing (to the rest of you, i trust
my players with this. they are excellent gamers).

this is how my campaign stands right now. it has gone on for a
well over a year real world time, and almost 10 years Game Time. it is
now turn 39, which means it is Fall of 560 MR. we've gamed every bit
of it with this set of characters.

character one is the first player in the game. it started out as a
solo game for him. the player is Randy, the character is Llywellyn of
Tuarhievel. she replaces Fhileraene of Tuarhievel from the Ruins book.
she stared out as a vassal to her mother, the Queen of Tuarhievel,
ruling Avallaigh. she got the throne upon her mother's passing away
from this world. she is a fighter/mage/theif. i know, tri-classed, but
this was when i was just starting BR. she started being quite 'pro
human' as far as elves go, freely associating with them, but has over
time come to be more aloof and i believe a little disgusted at some of
them as a whole.

character two came in soon after that, thinking BR was cool and
wanting to make a character too. his name is Todd, and the character
is Devlin Ghaele of Denlien (now of Ghaele, explained later). he is a
mage/theif half elf. he acts exactly like a human theif, though, so he
could drop the elven and mage halves of him and we wouldn't know the
difference. he has truely gone the way of the Avanil humans. he lived
in the Sielewode until they pushed him out (for being half human), and
he came to Tournen in search of his human father. he found him, only
to find his father was ashamed of having an elven kid, and was
terrified that if people found out, he would loose power in his guilds
(his father was a starting guilder in Tournen and Alamie). when Devlin
persisted him to accept him, he gave Devlin a harsh talk and a few
guilds in Tournen (some lvl 1's and a lvl 2), making him understand to
keep quite about their relationship. Devlin worked on building the
guilds and came to love money & respect. as it stands, Devlin has a
large dark side as a result of some of the trials he has been through,
which is only kept in check by the affections of a woman he does not
want to marry. she is growing impatient, and so his hold on his good
side is slipping.

as the campaign stands now, in 560 MR:

There are 5 powers of Anuire. Avanil, Ghoere, Mieres, Elves, Gorgon.
Boeruine was just recently eliminated.

Avanil: the Prince of Avanil was almost assainated just over 2 years
ago by an unknown power. he was holding his 60th Birthday Party, when
a present from the Emir of Khourane came in (Khourane had become the
primary Khinasi power, over stepping Ariya and everyone else by far).
it was a magical tree of silver. it exploded (what we now fondly refer
to as the 'Tree Bomb'), almost killing Avan, and preventing any type
of magical healing somehow. he was slowly dtying from loss of blood. a
magical item was used by Wizard Caine at the urging of everyone, to
create a time stasis field around Avan's body until a cure could be
found. this is one of the few times high level magic has been used in
my game this way.

so his heir, his oldest son, took over. soon after that, he was
poisoned. it was investigated, and although not proven, rumoured that
the son was involved somehow with his father's near death, and the
powers that made that happen became displeased with Avan's son
somehow, (breaking of an agreement, perhaps), and assasinated him as
well. there was some chaos, during whch Boeruine and Ghoere were about
to strike. a ruler was needed. canditates presented themselves. it
came down to Baron Daulton, Lady Aubre the Prince's only daughter (not
the same as from the Sword and Crown adventure at all), and the
Prince's remaining son (a brat and snob by everyone's opinion). the
Lady Aubre won the support of the voting council, and the land
immediatly accepted her, allowing them to respond to Boeruine's and
Taels attacks. Princess Aubre is 12, and considered inexperienced by
everyone except those who know her. she is just as smart as her
father, but more diplomatic and peaceful. the Chamberlain has been
considering her as the Emperess, if she grows older and her father
is not cured. But that does not look like it will happen. Avan (the
father) was cured a year ago, but it involved a slow process, so he
will not be awake for another few months until he is healed. a lot has
changed since he was almost killed. this is from the beginning.

Tournen: in the beginning a civil war hit it, and Avan stepped in
to stabalize the region before Ghoere or Boeruine could take it. Avan
broke it up into 3 pieces, giving each to a vassal who was also now
the offcial something of Avanil. one went to Devlin as the new
Official Guilder and vassal to Avan. one went to a new player who was
a Anuirean wizard and relative to the former duchess as Official
Wizard (after the destruction of Taeghas by Rhoubhe Manslayer), and
the third went to a new player, replacing the former Archprelate of
the WIT, and new Official Temple of Avanil...

Alamie: became a vassal to Devlin after a long conflict with him
before Avan's near death. Avan hated that, and was close to stepping
in and telling Devlin to hand over Alamie, sice he didn't like his
guilder having so much power. he was going to do it at his party.
well, he didn't get the chance. but no worries, because i introduced
the Warlock of the Stonecrowns then, and modified him to where his
method of expanding was to visit then charm regents, then either have
them as vassals, or have them hand over the domain to him. people
hated him for it, and a new term was intoduced into Avanese society.
'to Warlock' someone is to charm them, then take their stuff. anyway,
he did it with Duke Alam & Devlin's Guilder vassal in the realm. a
small war broke out, but it was clear that Devlin wasn't going to win,
so he made a deal with the Warlock. he would protect the Warlock from
Avanil's armies to the best of his ability without turning on the
Princess (now at this time ruler of Avanil), and would act as the
Warlock's PR agent, in return for the Warlock giving him the lowerhalf
of Alamie back. he did so, and Devlin got a lot of bad PR for siding
with the Warlock. eventually, the armies of Avanil & vassals did go
through, and a year long battle ensured. the Warlock send down undead
armies created by the Cauldron (a magical device in the adventure for
those who have not been in it), and kicked every one's ass with them.
there was another undead army allied to the Warlock, but the story
behind that is too long to explain here.

Eventually Avanil won, and the Warlock fled, supposedly to Khinasi.
the Princess divvied up the lands, re-drawing the borders of Alamie
and Tournen. Devlin got the lansds around the River Tour (i think that
is the name). the wizard got the lands west and north of that, along
the mountains, and the WIT got the rest of Alamie, including Sufhanie
from the Five Peaks. these are the Baronies of Avanil.

during this entire decade Mhoried has swayed from allying with
Avanil to being neutral, depending upon the Prince's actions at the
time. it has remained the same, though.

Markazor is gone. a few years ago, the realms and domains around it
allied together, and swept it off the map in one huge bloodly, but
victorious war. the top was given to the Sielewode reluctantly, anf
the lower half to Elinie.

Mur-Kilad rebelled, and the Gorgon came in and took it away from
the vassal, controlling it directly.

The Gorgon's Crown is doing well. it has barely been touched, and
the gorgon has been working on defense and population plans the past
decade. it's a lot stronger than in the Ruins book.

Sielewode. suffered a massive war with the Gorgon, and is left just
barely hanging together. Tuarhievel is trying to help, and things are
going well for now.

Elinie is doing well. it is prosperous since Markazor is gone, and
has become a place of peace in an otherwise war torn land.

Coeranys. also doing well, but just suffered from some disease that
killed a lot of it's horses, so it is not expected to recover from
that for the next decade or so. and it is having to deal with
something that it never thought would never have to. the Gorgon.

Rhormarch. a huge bloody war left the gorgon with the west half of
it, including both capitals. the Gorgon has held that for the past few
years, and has made sure it is his for years to come. it is very
valuable to him as a port. the nation of Rhormarch is now just a
shadow of it's former self, living by the good graces of it's

Aerenwe had a civil war, and it is now claimed mostly by Roesone.
the plains part, anyway. the rest is owned by the ETN, as well as

Roesone. doing very well. it is a theocracy under the IHH, ruled by
a fanatic of the faith. it is under war by Ghoere right now, but
otherwise doing well.

Ghoere is powerful, and has taken the strategy of conquer, then
secure, then secure more, then conquer something else. his lands may be
only half the size of Avanil's Allaince, but it is all heavily
defended, and high level. no on has attacked Ghoere on his home turf
since the game started, so it is rich with power.

Osoerde. ruled by a puppet of Ghoere after Raenech betrayed the
agreement the two of them had. it is also a very defendable realm,
with high province levels and lots of defenses.

Ilien. just conqured by Diemed. it has had a long history of war
this decade, by Diemed, Mieres, and pirates. the moral is low.

Medoere. gone, taken by Diemed in a long war. the scions of the
ruling house are now scattered, but are re-locating to the Erebanien
with the help of the ETN.

Diemed. quite powerful. has rich provinces, with lots of money. is
currently allied with Ghoere, but that may change soon...

Endier. powerful, because of Kalien's guild empire is now in Diemed,
Ghoere, Roesone, and Khinasi. allied with Diemed.

Brosengae. took over Taeghas after Rhoubhe was kicked out of Anuire.
now a powerful realm, but no body has been paying them any attention.
they have been keeping to themselves, quitely. in actuality the
regents of this realm (province, law, guild, temple, source) is
secretly controlled by Devlin's old foe, the Warlock, through charming
the regents. it will soon happen that he will reveal himself in an
invasion of Boeruine (described later). the realm is powerful,
especially in the south which was not touched by Rhoubhe... the north
provinces provide ample sources for the Warlock. another thing which
is really bad. the Warlock is now allied with Mhisticai (described
below). the Warlock is about to decree that *all* races are freely
allowed in Brosengae. orogs, goblins, khinasi, elves, dwarves, etc. as
long as they respect each other's rights as well.

Spiderfell. still around, but the forest is now considered 2
provinces, instead of just 1. the spiderfell is home to the Silver
Tree, which is the cure for Prince Avan. a seed of the same type of
tree had to be found that killed Prince Avan. then a ritual had to be
performed linking Avan's life to the tree. then the seed was planted
in a safe place by Caine. the spiderfell was that safe place. some
people scoff at how a person could call it safe, but if you think
about it, it is.

Rhoubhe. was conquered by Avanil & vassals a few years ago, with the
help of Boeruine & Brosengae. it was a huge effort, and it payed off.
it is now a neutral province, used by the regents of anuire to discuss
diplomatic reasons. although Ghoere does not make use of it, since it
is in Avanese lands. it is called New Hope. Rhoubhe is panning an
invasion of the land soon, to recapture it plus possibly part or all
of Boeruine. That will be coming up in a few months...

Boeruine. just recently conquered by the mighty and powerful Devlin
of Denlien. it left Devlin crippled, because the Archduke spent his
effort destroying Tournen, after the Warlock had destroyed Alamie. so
the entire land from Seasedge to the border of Mhoried is desolate
land filled with tens of thousands of bodies and battle fields. lvl 1
provinces are common in the area now :) the realm has been renamed to
Ghaele, after Devlin's family name, and he is now disputing with noble
houses and the people over how to re-organize the realm. he hates the
feudal system, but can't think of anything else. After he successfully
kicked the Archduke out, and forced him to flee for his life, the
realm and it's holdings became uncontrolled for a few months. they
were then given by the Land (it chose) to a relative of the Archduke
who had stayed behind. Derek Boeruine, a ranger and second nephew to
the Archduke. Derek & his 'adventuring party' (yes, they were a
typical AD&D adventuring party) went to Devlin at his request, and
strted to discuss possible peaceful solutions to this situation. it
went well, until Devlin started to shy away from a question that Derek
had about the future of the NIT temples in the land. Derek wanted most
of them to remain. Devlin wanted them to leave, but didn't say
anything. when Derek pressed, getting worried, Devlin had his friends
arrested for showing disrespect (a plot of Devlins to get rid of the
friends so he could 'take care of' Derek). before they could be
arrested, the wizard friend of Derek's who had remained invisible and
unknown all through the talks revealed himself, giving swords to Derek
& the other warrior, and they captured Devlin. Devlin proved to be a
very difficult prisoner, because he likes to make lawful or good people
promise stuff, then force them to break the promises or let him get
his way. it didn't work with Derek. he didn't make any promises. so
they took Devlin to visit the Princess of Avanil. Derek didn't have
any problems with serving Avanil, he just didn't want to do it through
'Devlin the Stuckup'. The princess sentenced Derek to 5 years in the
dungeon for taking one of her vassals prisoner, and punished Devlin
for being stuck up and manipulative by removing all debts that the
Crown of Avanil had to him (about 200GBs, for buying the seed that
saved the Prince's life). ouch. Devlin is going to appeal to the
Prince when he wakes up from his 2 year sleep, however.

the Five Peaks. now a goblin realm. the goblins of Thurazor got
pushed out of their lands, and moved here.

Thurazor. now split between Cariele and Talinie... lvl 0's and 1's
everywhere as the goblins were forced out.

Talinie. under attack from the Gorgon. seriously. the Gorgon made an
agreement with Tuarhievel to allow him to make a ley line through the
realm of Tuarhievel to Talinie. a very stupid thing, my PC later
realized, but it was done... Mwahaha!!!

Cariele. was conqured in the beginning by my PC, the Queen of
Tuarhievel, and is now a realm paying vassalage to the Thorn Throne.
it is ruled by Dhaene Mhor, the Mhor's youngest son, a friend of the
Elven Queen.

Tuarhievel. a powerful realm that just got done with a 2 year war
with the Gorgon, then another year long one protecting the Sielewode
from him. there is a good bit of unrest that the queen is too human,
or is allowing too much humanness in to the realm. but that is
starting to be taken care of by her, and probably won't go into riots
unless her agreement with the Gorgon became public.... the real reason
she made the agreement with the gorgon was so that she could play the
gorgon off the humans, to weaken both of them, then attack one of the
gorgon's vassals for more land. but there are many things with the
gorgon that she doesn't realize. for one, the gorgon knows that she is
about to attack the Giantdowns (a vassal of his, through that Ghurelli
awnshegh), and has many troops waiting in the spot that she is going
to attack. also, the gorgon will take Talinie easily, since most of
the human realms are too concerned with their own power struggles to
take notice of the Northlands. Avanil is the only one, and it was
crippled by the war with the Warlock then Boeruine. Devlin could
muster some stuff, but he won't, because he has the same thought as
Llywellyn towards this. let the Gorgon and Talinie weaken each other,
then i'll step in and take it! (DM Note: yeah, right. the Gorgon has
how many units, with what magic? and Devlin has a few lvl 3 provinces
and a few dozen lvl 3 guilds or worse now...). so it looks like the
gorgon will win most of Talinie, then make a deal with Devlin to allow
him to take the rest, if he lets the Gorgon live in peace with what he
has taken out of this.

Dhoesone. had a civil war after the baroness was assasinated by some
unknown person in the early stages of the game. was promptly taken
over by Tuarhievel & the Giantdowns... (tuarhievel got 5 of the
foreested provs, Giantdowns the rest). the elven queen wants to take
the province of Giant's Fastness from the Giantdowns now, but
pronbably won't be able to... and a few years ago, the lower half of
the plains provinces of Dhoesone were taken by Devlin in a move which
he later regretted because there was really no point to it, and he
just ended up spending lots of money far away from home... so the
provinces were sold to Svinik (that realm on the Taelshore i think).

Giantdowns. a vassal to the gorgon, and a prime piece of land for
him. he doesn't want to loose it at all. it is now his future conduit
into north Anuire, now that Markazor is gone.

Taelshore realms: the realm that starts with an 'R' was taken over
by a priestess of Eloele (from Darkstar's PBeM), and took over that
realm to the west of it. now it is trying to take Svinik. it is allied
to the Gorgon, believe it or not. the Gorgon has given aid, and
promised that the priestess will rule Rjuvik for the Gorgon as he
conquers it. it looked like the gorgon could, so she took the offer.
this alliance is unknown to everyone, however.

i have not bothered much else with Rjurik, besides Lluabraight. this
is where Rhoubhe Manslayer fled to when he was kicked out of his land,
and has been collecting the Gems of Arborea. he has 8 out of 12, and
is close to getting the 9th... he is defending his borders against all
of his neighbors except the dwarves, who he refuses to get help from.
he is steadily loosing, but that the simple fact that he has held out
for so long against 5 enemies awes everyone who knows about it... now
that the Gorgon and the Giantdowns have stopped attacking him to turn
their efforts to Talinie and Tuarhievel, he will start winning.

Massenmarch. a tentative ally of the Gorgon. very weak relationship,
though, and could break with the slightest force.

much of Brecht has remained the same. i have not messed with it at
all, except for cosmetic changes. other than that, Brechut is
undeveloped in the decade that i have been working on Anuire and
Khinasi. any ideas for what has happened in Brechtur from other
campaigns? i could really use them.

the Plains States of Khinasi are peaceful. Aftane was conquered by
Ariya, and taken in as part of that realm.

the Sphinx allied with the Khinasi Federation, but does not help
them in any way.

Sendoure for some really odd reason just attacked Coullabhie. it was
actually a great plot that the Serpent has been setting in place for
years with the help of enchantments. Coullabhie just enetered a very
defensive position to the world, and will destroy Sendoure if help is
not sent.

the Zhainge Valley, Docandragh, and Island States are a different
matter from the peaceful plains. up until a year ago, this was
peaceful too. all of Khinasi was, and people said it was entering a
new golden age. the Khinasi Federation was baesd out of Khourane, the
City of Gardens, and all was well, then Devlin activated a plan that
he had been working with the Emir of Khourane on for the past few
years, and sent a huge fleet and army to attack the Serpent, which at
that time had caused the downfall of Suiriene and Mairada, and taken
over the former realm. the Serpent survived, but lost Suriene. he then
triggered most of his careful plans in respite. the region went into
chaos all at once, as Suiriene collapsed again, and so did Ghamoura &
Miarada again. Sendoure is about to be crushed, and Khourane is under
attack from the Magian and the Serpent now. Rhuannach is thinking of
closing it's borders for safety, as the world plunges into utter
chaos,... the Lamia is doing the same. the Black Spear Tribes have
expanded into Mesiere recently, as well as forcing the Basilisk into
Kozzlovny and taking over that land. the Black Spears have also moved
into Djafra, which used to be held by Khourane...

the borders are not expected to be stable for the next for years, as
things get even more chaotic. the Khinasi Federation has moved to
Ariya, and is trying to send as much support as possible to the
region... things do not look good, though.

Vosgaard. the only thing i';ve develoiped on Vosgaard is that the
Raven is winning a lot of his wars, and is taking over a large chunk
of the region. there is another big leader, calling himself the
Warlord, in northern Vosgaard. he has just waged war on Drachenward,
and may win if nearby brecht realms don't help.

well, thatis all, i think. please tell me your comments! i'd like to
hear them :)

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