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hi, just to put in my opinions and ideas about the gods of

the original gods were created from the Miebhaighl of the world by
the Land or some other universal force. why, i don't know ywt. but the
function of the Gods is to protect, shield, and guide it's favorite
culture. the god is a reflection of the culture, and vice versa...

latelt, in the past couple of millennia, things have become more
complicated, with the cultures of some of the original gods being
effectively destroyed, and children of the gods being born. but i like
to play with the idea that there are slowly, over time, 'mini'cultures
that are developing for these new or lost gods. Cuiraecen's influence
has been heavy in the South East Anuire area for the past 30 years, in
my game, and the culture of the people are refelcting it. they are
more warlike than the rest of Anuire.

my list of the Gods, and what they are doing:

Haelyn: not disgusted that the empire fell... he is just trying to
get it back together again, before it's too late. he is optimistic
about the future most of the time. he is currently working on
indirectly having his priesthoods fortify and stabalize Anuire.

Neserie: sad about the loss of her fellow Mesetians (i have her as a
Mesetain herself, not as an Anuirean). she is careful, cautious. she
noes not get angery too often. i do not see her as too wrapped up in
mourning. she is calmly trying to indirectly have her priesthoods hold
on to what they have, since her influence is being pushed out of
Anuire for the past 5 years by the MOC and IHH in the SE. she only has
Taeghas left as a solid foothold. Anuire as a whole is becoming more
focused on land than sea, lately, as the trend is going.

Cuiraecen: he is becoming more aggresive lately, and has started to
worry Haelyn and especially Neserie. he does not think about the
consequences, only the now. the MOC has flourished in the south
east, spreading all through Ghoere, Osoerde, Mhoried, Chimaeron,
Caelcorwynn, Alamie, and starting into Aerenwe now. the HTC is
sterting to gain new footholds in Boeruine, after being completely
removed, and also into the Five Peaks, Thurazor, and Alamie. the idea
of the conflict between him and Haelyn will probably happen in a
century. i do not see him as evil, or being corrupted, though. he is
simply aggressive, and ambitious.

Rournil: an active god. he is the only one besides Cuiraecen who
sometimes appears to his followers in avatar form. he is a patient
god, but can become very impatient and rushed for time when he
realizes that things are starting to slip. he has lost Medoere to
Diemed, and is frantically trying to come up with ways to get it back,
since he knows of a powerful artifact of Azrai buried under the land
there that must be kept safe and not found by anyone. he is
pessimistic about the future, as he sees everything around him
crumbling towards Cuiraecen's and the evil god's favor.

Seramie: she is doing her own thing. her faith has also spread a
good bit, although not as much as Cuiraecen's. she holds large parts
of Avanil still. with Tournen, Alamie, Endier, Taeghas/Brosengae, soon
Boeruine, holding small temple holdings for her churches. Brecht is
doing well, and so is her faithful there.

Eloele: her faithful has remained about the same size wise, but has
slowly focused in Mieres, and out of th Five Peaks. she has scattered
holdings in many parts, except for the Heartlands, where the WIT and
MOC fiercly contest her. i see her as swaying towards a 'soft evil'.
soft because she is not openly evil, and is in the grey zone that can
be described either way depending upon the situation. she will go a
little more to the dark side before she is done, though. her parents
realize this, and Rournil especially feels betrayed and a failure as a
father. this is a large reason why he is pessimistic. Eloele is
neutral to most things in the world. she has started to favor Mieres
now, which is a major world power IMC.

Eric: has remained about the same in Anuire & the rest of the world.
he is slow moving, and feels a little neutral towards everything, even
the good vs evil conflict. all he wants is to keep his current
holdings, since he doesn't see himself being able to get much more in
the present situation, anyway.

Avanalae: very active, although has started to get out of Anuire,
except for the East Marches, where she has grown a lot. the LPA now
holds most of Elinie, Coeranys, some of the Chimaeron, and has been
trying to expand into Osoerde, with no success so far. her faith in
the Docandragh has blossomed, and has all across Khinasi. she does not
appear to her followers like Rournil does, though.

Laerme: she has not been doing well preisthood wise (what's new?).
she does not care much, though, she isn't into the whole formalized
church thing, and doesn't like people worshipping her as their primary
god. she certainly likes them paying respect to her very often, and
gets miffed when people don't. she has not been seen as much as usual
in the world. she seems to be busy with some heavenly job, maybe
trying to get Cuiraecen's love. i see her as not vain, not
manipulative, but instead just wanting everyone to be happy and in
love. she works to that end, protecting innocents and making sure
people know the power of love and peace.

Belinik: not messed with him much. he is still clinging onto the
Five Peaks, but has slipped elsewhere, as Cuiraecen has taken over as
the primary war & battle god of Anuire. he has moved a little, but not
much overall. he is about the same powerwise. he is a brutal god, also
like Cuiraecen does not think about the consequences, only the now. he
does not have any honour, though, he instead just wants fights. and
everything about him revolves around that.

Kriesha: very cunning, as much as Eloele, and very manipulative. she
doesn'y like to kill, but instead ruin and make people suffer for the
rest if their lives. she has flourished in scattered places in the
world. especially the Five Peaks and the outskirts of Anuire.

Grandson of Azrai: the child of Belinik & Kriesha from a few
centuries ago. he is very unknown, but he likes it that way. i have
not named him, but he came about a few ecnturies ago when his two
parents were more civil towards each other, and were working together
on some plan that eventually fell through because of their
differences. he is the god of corruption, revenge, vengence, anger,
hate, jelousy, envy, and bitterness. although almost no formalized
priesthood, he is expanding his power and flexing his muscles to see
what he can do, and people have felt it over the years, even though
they may not know it. his goal is to bring down a few major players of
the world, then in the chaos start his church and announce himself.
his goal is currently Ghamoura, then Avanil.

Cold Rider: i see him as an undead lich that was serving Azrai at
the battle of Deismaar. he was very powerful, even as liches go, and
commanded the undead legions as well as many of the mortal units.. a
major commander in the army. he absorbed as much as Kriesha & Belinik,
but when Azrai died, the tie that was holding him to the Mortal World
ended, and he was ripped back to where he came from. almost. he was
able to stop and hold on to the shadow world, which i see as a gateway
between Aebrynis and the other planes. there he stayed and gathered
his power, corrupting the land, since there was no one to oppose him,
except the peaceful halflings and other sylvan races. no gods, so he
was free to do as he pleased.

Aebrynis: i have the Treucht Chaupin in Treucht, Brechtur worship a
Gaia figure instead of any of the other gods. they worship Aebrynis
with the cycles of nature and all living things. they see Meibhaighl
as the breath of the world, being exhaled as well as inhaled by all
living and natural things. like the force of star wars, but without
the polarization. i plan to develop this more, but have just started
on it... they do not see Aebrynis as a intelligent, thinking figure
like the other gods, so that is why the seperate it from Eric and
Rournil. they see it as the great mother of the races, gods, and
magic. everything flows from her.

Golden Child: not yet born, if ever. but if Cuiraecen and Laerme
ever have a child, it will be this. probably male. name unknown. maybe
not named. it would be a very monotheistic type of god. encompassing
many topics, focusing on none except good. i see him as a mix of the
Old and New Testament God. Old being the side that comes from
Cuiraecen. strict, honorable, but don't piss him off unless you want
to see a thunder storm above your head. then there is the side that
comes from Laerme. loving, gentle, kind. peace for all. self sacrifice
out of love, etc.
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