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here is my House Rule on Province Ruling. I think it gives excellent
balance to the game.

you may *successfully* rule the province in issue only once a season
for Huamn, Goblin, Orog, etc. Realms. This changes to Once a Year for
Elven and Dwarven Realms. if you do not get it the first time, you may
keep on trying for the next months, until you do. Then when you do,
you must wait until the next season (or year).
the roll is equal to 10 + the level of the Traget Level. ruling to a
level 5 takes a 15 or higher.
you may use RP to improve the roll, and any regents of holdings in
your lands may contibute to assist or oppose your ruling. when
everyone has settled on the amount they want to pay, the die is
it takes a number of rulings equal to the Target Level to actually
get that province up to that level. To rule to a level 5, you must
have 5 Successful rulings on the province, taking at least 5 seasons
(or 5 years for elves & dwarves) to get that province to that level.
The DM may impose situational modifiers. for example, a bonus of +4
to the roll if your next door realm is having refugees flee into your
lands. or an outright extra Successful Ruling if the situation is
really bad next door, and your realm looks safe and good to the
So because of the multiple rulings to raise a level, a province can
have fractions. a Level 4/3 province which is 3/5 of the way to the next
level. otherwise written as 4(3/5)/3.
when an army invades and pilliages, the first pilliaging does not
take away the first level of the province, but instead takes out any
fraction that may exist, then the second pilliage takes out the levels
as in the Rulebook. So effectively you loose no levels on the first

what does everyone think of these rules? please give me feedback.
and if there are any PBeMs or other games that want to use it, feel
free to.

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