LeBR3 is about to begin. There are still several positions open and we hope to fill them all. All of Anuire is involved and the game will not die early. Many of the People behind LeBR1 and 2 are involved in this game and they had a history of running a long time. The game uses the classic AD&D 2nd edition rules. We are trying to stick to all characters, as close as we can, as they are in Ruins of Empire.

LeBR has been an active Birthright online community since 1998. You can see how long the games have run here: http://www.niilo.ca/lebr/about.html

Take a look at www.birthrightonline.com and at the forum at www.deault.com/lebrbb.html

You may email your requests for a character and domain to: highmage@gmail.com