Well there are some good maps which have been made into outline by Aleksei
Andrievski solmyr@kolumbus.fi

What you need is two packs of playing cards (maybe three)

Some dice (d20, d6)

Some coloured Crayons

A Printout of the area of BR that you wish to use as the game

Deck One - The Major Players

Shuffle and Deal the cards to the players (suggest upto 4 players)

Any picture card or can be used as a regent.

Bloodline of the regent is
Spades - Azrai (+1 Battle, +1 Magic)
Hearts - Haelyn (+1 Battle, +1 Population)
Clubs - Brenna (+2 Population)
Diamonds - Vorynn (+2 Magic)

Could expand if a second deck is used for The Major Players if the cards are
identifiable in some way.

A Joker can be used to swap for one of the other players cards, however this
can only be used in the set up phase for the game and the player must
discard the
joker, otherwise a joker is worth 5 bloodline points of any derivation.

Each player must designate one picture card as the regent, and place that
card in face

Each player may also designate one other picture card as a Lt, and place
that card sideways
and face down.

Each player may add cards of the same suite as their regent to the regents
bloodline, they
will get bloodline equal to 10+the value of the card.

The player must then create their realm with the remaining cards.

Diamonds are Sources
Clubs are Province Levels
Hearts are Churches
Spades are Law

Guilds have to be created.
Troops have to be bought.
Spells have to be bought.

Each player gains 1d6gb per 10 levels of holdings

- ---

Can we make a good board game that uses DTs as its basis, using a board,
cards and dice ?

Intention - to give players there DT fixes without influencing the RPG -
when others are
not about, and to encourage more people to be interested in Birthright.

- ---

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