I am afraid to say that I have never liked amber, but that aside, all the
stuff ya wrote is really common sense, except for this one.

> 3. Death and Final Solutions Must be Fair.
> There's nothing so irritating for a player than to have a character
> penalized for a single unexpected wrong move. There should be no "button
> of death" that instantly wipes out a character. Not unless the character
> has repeatedly been warned of the possibility.
> Exceptions: There really are none. Sometimes, for the sake of a story
> line, a character will start a scenario by being unfairly zapped,
> kidnapped or taken out as a way of setting up the action. This should be
> only as a ploy to get things moving, and should not permanently affect
> the cahracter

Let me tell you a little story. It is about a not so bright group of
adventurers, who were just beginning their journeys through dangerous
lands. They were just a wee inexperienced lot (ie. lv. 2 and 3), about 8
of them, when I had them out investigating the disappearance of some town
folk. They chose to investigate the area around some swamps and they
encountered 2 trolls, they chose to stay and fight, and despite some
serious wounds, they managed to successfully slay them. All sounds good,
right? Well the very next day (3 priests in the party) they decide they
are all powerful troll slayers and go out in search of trolls. Initially
the find a large group of 8 trolls which they cleverly flee from, but later
they find a party of 6 and decide to attack them. I did everything but
smack them all upside the head to try and get them to flee, but do you
think they listen to my NPC or me, hell no!! So my NPC takes off, and
there they are 7, 2nd or 3rd level characters fighting trolls, ya know 6+6
HD creatures who deal huge damage (and not the pcs trying to flee even when
they start losing). To make matters short, all the PCs but one (she
finally fled) died. Now I had no sympathy for these poor bastards what so
ever, they just died do to their one action. NOW THAT IS AN EXCEPTION
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