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CG> Chris Kira, is there any possibility info. on your other Aebrynnis
CG> continent is posted on a webpage? I'd love to take a look at it. I always
CG> enjoy tinkering with the idea of continents across the sea.

CG> I had a player who was an Oriental Adventures fan. We placed Kara-Tur, the
CG> Asian-based setting TSR published years ago, far to the west of Cerilia.
CG> The players occasionally traveled between the 2 continents, although it was
CG> a very long journey and the campaign was mostly set in Cerilia. The OA
CG> character (a kensai, which is basically a fighter who becomes a master with
CG> one weapon) was the small groups best fighter, but the fact he came from
CG> what was essentially a "different world" was not really the reason.

i thought a bit about the other continents of Aebynis (first of all,
i hate that word, and never use that name).

i had Cerilia, which used to be the magical, pristine, slow moving
continent of the non human races, then became a fairly rich continent
with lots of resources and development after the flight from shadow...

then below that i had the continent of Aduria, which i fashioned off
of Sahara and Sub-Sahara africe, with bits of the Old Testament Bible
as far as some Israeli culture...

then to the east of Aduria and South-east of Cerilia i had Djapar,
connected to Aduria by a thin land bridge (like what used to be to
Cerilia, and kind of like the land bridge connecting Egypt to the
Middle East...). i had the Djparans like Egypt. Khinasi is like like
post Persia Arabia to me.

then to the south-east of Aduria, and south of Djapar i has the
oriental lands, with the china, tibet, and japanese mirrors, modified
of course, like all the other cultures of Cerilia are from their real
world counterparts. this oriental continent was connected to Aduria by
a large land bridge, almost large enough to fully connect the two
continents together completely. there were large mountain ranges
separating the two, like the Himalayas (spelling?), so sea was the
best way to reach them. they were fairl unknown to Aduria, and
completely to Cerila. only Djapar knew of them, and traded sometimes
when peace was in the Djapar lands.

i didn't have a elven continent, since Cerilia is it to me, so the
elves truely have only Cerilia left to defend as theirs, and that has
practically slipped from their grasp lately. so the elven culture
knows they are pretty lost in the world, while the humans have *so*
much more than them...

off to the west of Cerila, i was working on some continent, but i had
not decided what cultures. any ideas? i was thinking of 2 continents
connected by a land bridge, but seprate from the Aduria complex. like
the Americas... i was thinking non human, since the humans have been
confined to the Aduria/Djapar/Oriental/Cerilia network, and have not
had the opportunity to travel to the others.

that was about it in my book, besides Thaele to the north. no southern
continents like Antarctica, since Thaele filled that. just those 7
continents, in my world...

so, any ideas for those 2 others off to the west?

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