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Wednesday, May 26, 1999, 6:52:53 AM, you wrote:

>> Now has anyone ever put a group of adventurers from another game world
CK> into their on going birthright setting, and regretted it. What were the
CK> consequences ?

CK> Well, my Aebrynis is a bit odd in my weekly game, as it has two sides... one
CK> is Cerilia and surrounding area, the other is called Casryn. Casryn is a
CK> magic rich area. Basically, it is influenced by a different set of dieties,
CK> who had a battle similar to Deismaar (the theme is "history repeats
CK> itself"). There are no blood powers on the other land. The gods of Cerilia
CK> and the gods of Casryn agreed not to interact a great deal, so as to avoid a
CK> deadly war of the gods, or a war of their followers.

that's a cool idea. like you say, it wouldn't work for my group, but
it is great for others. nice thinking!

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