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>> Just a short question about lieutenants. It is stated in the rulebook
>> that lieutenants can only undertake one domain action every season. Are
>> the writers meaning domain action or domain actions & character actions?
>> I guess a lieutenant can undertake 3 character actions every season, if
>> they don't do any domain action. Am I right? So a wizard-lieutenant
>> could spend 1 actions researching, 1 action training, and 1 action
>> adventuring every season or..?

tF> Well, the way I play it, a regent can have one of his lieutenants do a
tF> domain action for him each domain turn, while he can use any of his other
tF> lieutenants for one character action or to respond to one random even each
tF> (they do need some time to themselves, too)...

i've ruled that a regent only can have one lieut do a realm/domain
action, as it says in the rulebook. this is not because the lieut
complains about time, but because the supernatural forces of regency
only allow ofor this one lieut action a turn.

the lieut action takes a month, like normal, and depending upon the
agreement with his liege, can spend the rest of the time how he
wishes, but may be called upon for random events or to accompany the
regent on adventures or such...

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