I'm developing a new campaign setting based on Birthright (thus the cross
post) and need some help from the mathematically superior.

In this setting the initial population ratio of men to women is something
like 85/15, or potentially worse. The people were not born here, they
"arrived" here after a great battle, thus the disparity between the two

Assuming that the chances for a child of a given sex are equal to that of
any other sex, I.e. boys/girls come out at 50/50, how fast would the
population grow over the course of one hundred years??

Assume the following birthrate is the "average" for the world:

for every woman's lifetime, she will deliver 4 children who make it through
their first year of life.

For attrition assume that in any given year 15% of the people die. (spread
on the same 85/15 scale) [not including the small percentage of children who
do not make the first year, they are not factored in at all]

I am sure I can pencil this for days on end and come up with something, or
just be arbitrary, but I am hoping to find real statistics that I can apply
to the various groups who have "arrived" in this new land. Some will have
higher rates of reproduction (like the goblins, etc), some lower (elves,
dwarves). If I can get a realistic base for the "average" cuture/people, I
can tweak it to fit each group from there.

This world is small enough that I intend to have a population count to the
nearest thousand for each nation.

Thanks for your help!

Either way, I'm still me: