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From: Jim Cooper
To: birthright@mpgn.com
Date: Wednesday, May 26, 1999 2:37 AM
Subject: [BIRTHRIGHT] - This list's administrator

>Cheers everybody!
>Well, I was asked by Rob Miracle a couple of days ago to be this list's
>admin, but I thought I should do this all proper like and ask you guys
>what you want (I've already got you guys eatin' outta the palm of my
>hand anyways, so what the hell?!? :D Mwuhahahaaa!).

Well, I am assuming that Jim has a serious tongue in his cheek over this
one, but I'll bow to the trolling effort.

The list does need an administrator. As someone else mentioned, the duties
we really need involve killing addresses that bounce back and fighting
spammers to the list. Beyond that a well kept FAQ is really needed around

Deleting lurkers is stupid so I assume this is a joke.

You've got my vote Jim, so long as you handle this with intelligence. If you
don't, and you delete a bunch of us for lurking every now and then, I'll
just start my own open list on List-bot :) We may want you, but we don't
*need* you.

I would like to take a moment and say that I have seriously appreciated
everybody's maturity around here. This is the longest I have ever stayed
subscribed to this or any other list. Usually I get disgusted at the
irrelevant threads on a list. You guys (and gals) have really kept the bar
high without the presence of a administrator. Pat your self on the back eh!

Either way, I'm still me, and that was my vote: