> In America, children are brainwashed through school from day one. A nice
> trick the British kinda stumbled on when they were oppressing India. Thanks
> to them, all of us grow up firmly entrenched in nationalistic history.
> People are resisting something they call or think is brainwashing, but want
> the schools to return to their brainwashing. Oh the irony.

Yes but this is so totally not the place to discuss that.

And to apologize for intruding, I bring up this question: The college
and council of Sorcery. In my campaign, they are a major power, with
influence just about everywhere in Anuire, and a council member is able
to do just about anything politically, if it is in the interest of the
whole. Also, they are very much a neutral party, not involved in the
petty politics of nations and such. (However, IMC they are an millenia
spanning organization in one form or other, linked by guardians
[chronomancy supplement, I took a shine to it]. The explanation of such
a thing existing is the fact that this world is so 'active' [events of
Importance happening so often due to the fact that PCs are here], and so
supervision is necessary to maintain a balance), but I digress. What
function does the Council and College of Sorcery play in your campaigns,
both those centered in Anuire and those outside?