After seeing Star Wars Episode I yesterday (good movie, definitely worth
seeing, but tried too hard to be funny) I came up with the idea of doing
a Force-type approach on Cerilia. Now I can't spell meghable (that
magic stuff) so don't mind the constant mispelling.

Basically put, everything divine about Cerilia's world is made up of
meghable. The meghable exsists mainly from the land and the land renews
itself continually (as from BoM). Magic requires both an internal and
external source of meghable. Elves are natuarlly close to the land and
therefore have a "bloodline" of something like .5 as a base. Still,
that is enough for spells. Humans aren't as close and therefore have
like a .05, which is nothing near what's needed. Goblins (as spoken of
in Thurazor) would probably get a .1 or so as a base. The eversence is
made of meghable. Gods are entirely meghable.

I dunno, just an idea someone might like.