Hoody hoo people! Good news on the game bashing front.
Excerpted from an article in the Sunday, May 23 Daily News by Greg. B.

"The ruling came in a suit filed in 1996 by Catholic parents who claimed the
Bedford public schools kept Christian teaching out of the classrooms while
promoting pagan, New Age, and Eastern religions.
But the judge also rejected parents' arguments that the school prmoted
satanism and should allow parents to pull their children out of any class
they found morally objectionable.
Brieant [the judge] rejected the parents' claim that a math game called
Magic the Gathering, which involves cards ilustrating zombies, goblins, and
a sorceress queen, promoted satanism.
"No reasonable person could regard sponsoring this game as a teaching of
religion," the judge wrote."

(The judge ruled against the school saying they could not have children
fashion images of Ganesh from construction paper, and that they had to stop
selling voodoo worry dolls and stop "earth worship" (?) in a class on
American Indians.)

So the goofiness falls, but the game goes on!