Hello BR-listers,

I've been out in the woods at the research field station here, and so have
not really been able to keep up with my e-mail. Hopefully, however, the
modem system here has been figured out and I can resume my conversations
with you wonderful folks.

I know the thread is pretty much dead by now, but I thought I'd chime in
on the topic of half-elven aging. My solution to the problem has to do
with the special properties of the Land in Cerilia. Remember the passages
where it describes time flowing differently in the Elven lands. I've ruled
that as long as a half-elf remains in elven lands, she has the lifespan of
a normal elf. But if she lives in human lands, she had a lifespan that is
only about twice that of human normal. Also one of the reasons why elves
were really pissed off at humans for their damage to the land--it "ruined"
the land that keeps them eternally young. I've ruled that if elves were
ever to be exiled from their elven lands, they would age as normal for
elves in other settings (although they can be outside the elven lands for
up to 50 years without it having any ill effects on them). I will admit,
however, that I REALLY liked the idea that an elf's physical appearance
might reflect his internal emotional state, and that elves who have been
in prolonged sorrow appear to age.

Mark VanderMeulen