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>From Stephen White

>I'm having trouble working on an incentive for Jaison to stick to the
>plan. Don't forget that William would have been very young and naïve
>when he discussed this with his father's loyal lieutenant.
>Jaison does seem to be fulfilling his side of the plan, though. Perhaps
>Jaison has a plan for after he leaves Osoerde. Any ideas?

There are a lot of plot-lines (from spy novels mostly) that detail numerous
reasons why a trusted person in power could turn traitor against his friend /
liege lord / etc. Perhaps Jaison had always felt that the regent was
weak-willed and saw in William the ruler he had always wanted to follow.
Perhaps a short while after William takes the throne, Jaison returns as his
adviser - constantly cloaked and hooded for disguise. Perhaps Jaison is
actually unblooded, contrary to RoE and is actually William's lieutenant,
playing a role. The latter could perhaps involve the two swamp mages being one
and the same person (there's one for the conspiracy fans) - it's amazing how
much power you can accumulate by appearing to be two separate competing
There is also the possibility that Jaison is the good guy, saw the evil son
assassinate the father, was framed for it, but still manages to save the
country (most of it) from the evil William.

May your players be ever chasing their tails in an attempt to watch their own
back :~>