There is a contradition concerning Roele's death. Ruins of Empire (or
the Atlas of Cerilia, I forget) says that the foolish young Michale
Roele slipped into the Gorgon's Citadel along in an attempt to slay the
Gorgon. It gives it a feeling of Michael going to the Gorgon on a
pointless crusade type thing. The Iron Throne by Simon Hawke (and my
favorite BR book) says that Roele went after the Gorgon with the
Empire's largest army in ages in an attempt to avenge the killing of his
wife by one of the Gorgon's agents. The armies of good and evil faced
off and the two leaders met in the battle. The Gorgon was going to kill
Roele but Roele grounded his power before the heart pircing blow
(literalty, of course). I like the Iron Throne's version (and I won't
change) but which one is fact? If Ed or Carrie is reading this: This
isn't a big secret like Azrai's actual status. I mean it can't be that
hard for the world to know if Roele went after the Gorgon with an army
or he just disappreared (off to the Gorgon).

- -Andrew