I've started wondering about some fine points in this immortallity
debate. This is about full elves though. The rulebook says they are
immortal, fine no problem, my problem comes to how they age then ? How
long time does it take before an elf is fullgrown ? Does this
immortality mean they remain young (equal to human 20-30s) forever will
they age like the PHB elves and simply get longer and longer beard (if
you see what I mean ) ? Anyone has though about this ?

Second question is the Long Life Blood ability. Isn't this a real curse
for a blooded human ? You are born with your full bloodline score (yes
you can increase it later but..) and as a tiny human baby with the long
life ability as major or great would he/she be drooling the next 25/100
years ? I play it so that the physical body ages as the minor ability
until 5 appearant years (i.e. 25 actual years) and then the ability
kicks in properly, though this little "5" year old might already know
several languages etc.. This makes for very interesting roleplaying as
the parents of this child probably only lives for 50 years after the
birth, while the child then looks like a 6 year old...