> Well I settled on Kirche von der (da or die, I forget which one) Stille Wacht
> (referring to the mountain range. Although I'm told that von is "from" but
> "of" might sound better in English. Anybody know what "of" is in German? And
> what form of "the" I should use? (Not that it really matters but you always get
> those nit picky people...)

Well, you could also opt for the Dutch version, which would be either
"Kirche's Bergkerk", for your first option, or for your second
option "Kirche der Stille Wacht"/"Kirche van de Stille Wacht" (both
essentially the same). Did you know "stille wacht" is Dutch for "silent
watch"? I don't know if it's that too in German (my German is a bit
rusty), but I'm sure it's valid for a Brecht church as I've seen lotsa
Dutch names with the Brecht as well as other Dutch elements. Hell, the
Brecht may sound German for the most part, but they sure behave themselves
as if they were Dutch, what with that sailing trade and all. And hey, the
big advantage of Dutch is that unlike German you don't have to mess around
with cases and all... :)

Just a suggestion...
- the Falcon