> Gee, isn't this the kind of IC posting that a moderator is supposed to guard
> against?
> Actually, we've done OK without a moderator. With the exception of a few
> longwinded and generally off-topic debates regarding morality and such (of
> which I freely admit I have been a contributor) things have gone along quite
> smoothly. I'd attribute this to the higher maturity level of BRers in general
> and a finer appreciation of epic adventuring, but those are apparently the
> kinds of things that have apparently contributed to the setting not catching on
> with the younger and more hack 'n slash oriented campaigns....

I'm glad this list needs little moderation, but I've probably unsubscribe 50 bad
addresses. Keeping peace is just one of the duties of an admin. Keeping bad
addresses out so the mail queues stay low is another!!!