First of all what happened to the immense will to help the revival of
through a central webpage ??
Well I've got hold of webspace and someone to host the webpages, also
someone to keep the server going. This is on a 64KBit server. The server
is connected to the University of Oslo's net (in Norway) so the net
itself has an excellent uptime and has no limits on users or hits or
That is a friend of mine will teach me how to do this and will host it
on his server
until I can get my own server up and running, when I will host it myself
(ETA: depends on when I can get the student home I want, sometime this
autumn I beleive)

So what we need now to get this up and running is:

1 Content: I can add some and try to get some help. Morgramen ?
Olesen how is the work on that link list coming along ?

2 Webmaster with responsibility for checking the pages and adding

3 The actual domain name = 70 USD does anyone want to pay this by
or if not can someone please arrange collecting the money ?

If we get this 3 points arranged we got a central BR homepage !!

Please answer to me ( or ICQ: 12483411) or the list.

Regarding the other issue, I received under 10 messages from the list
this entire weekend. Does that mean people are lurking or that I'm
missing out on lots of cool BR messages ??

Sindre (which has discovered how much BR stuff you can make when you
really should be studying for your exam :)