Hello Birthrighters, Adam Theo here. 12:09 AM, 5/7/1999.

Here's a quick run down of the BR campaign i've been running
for the past couple of years (real time). It is now reaching
Turn # 38, or something like that, so almost 10 years have
passed since the Boxed Set begins at 551. I think that would
make it Spring of 560 MR now. *whew* that's a long time. not
as long as some others, i'm sure, but still long for me, since
it looks like the game can go for another 40. It started with
me DMing 2 friends during the weekends, and with many
adventures, but moved on to include 2 other players, and then
went back to the original 2 players. now it has some
adventures, but since the regents are getting mire and more
things to do with their domains, that amount has dropped to
where the only adventures they go on are political or where no
one else can be trusted with it.

My first player was a female elf fighter/mage/thief, daughter
to the Queen of Tuarhievel (i replaced the Boxed ruler with
her, and kept the mother alive for the start). she was a
vassal to her mother, ruling the province of Avalaigh. a
vassal because of some political maneuvering by her mother to
keep that province under her control instead of have it sway
over to House Tuarlachiem's grasp. then another friend became
interested and made a character for fun, a half elven
mage/thief. yes, i know, 2 elves, and one of then tri-classed.
this was when i was just starting DMing BR (in fact, it was my
second campaign, after the first flopped.). the second player
worked in a story to how he could come in control of a handful
of guilds in Tournen. two different locations proved difficult
in times, but over all, it was good, since i ended up
developing much of Anuire, except for the south east.

the first player's character is named Llewelyn, and the second
is Devlyn.

i can't remember too much of the very first few years, since
it was a long time ago, but i remember that Llewelyn talked to
Rhuin Tuarlachiem (an NPC, head of the Tuarlachiem house in my
BR world) into using the few units they had (they were vassal,
maintaining their own standing armies) to attack Cariele. they
started their own war, not informing the Queen of this, and
dragged Tuarhievel and Cariele into a 3 month war. the Queen
trued to stop her daughter & Rhuin, but even after that, the
ruler of Cariele was so furious that he didn't stop. the war
eventually ended with a draw, and both sides went to an uneasy

meanwhile, down in Tournen, Devlyn was steadily trying to
build his holdings, and then try to buy a couple from Bireon
and Mierilen(sp?), with moderate success. he had a good start.
after a year, the duchess was considering making him the
official guilder, since he had no ties to other domains, and
was fairly strong in the realm. she eventually decided to.

in Tuar, the queen decided that the war had worn her out, and
she had a long talk with her daughter (the PC), about being
careful. when Llew agreed, the mother decided to 'pass on',
and leave the kingdom to her.

Devlyn decided to go to northern Thaeghas, for some reason
(can't remember now), and got caught in Rhoubhe's invasion
into the realm. Rhoubhe warded the northern part of Taeghas
and led an army through. Devlyn escaped with some help, and
made it back to Tournen. this was about the 2nd to 3rd year of
the game.

in Tuar., Llew. decided to invade Cariele, now that she had
the full military (ignoring/forgetting her mother's advice),
and after a lot of haggling with NPc regents and 3 months, won
the fight, conquring Cariele. Mhoried and other realms
couldn't help because Markazor was giving them some trouble,
and at that time Tuar was not in good standing with everyone.
(remember, there is a lot more complexity going on here, but
this is just an outline).

when Devlyn got back, he found out that the duchess of Tournen
had been assassinated, along with the duchess of Dhoesone and
someone else (can't remember who). Guilder Kalien had almost
been killed (he escaped), along with Devlyn himself (since he
was in the middle of Rhoubhe's invasion at the time). all were
killed by similar means, over a 3 month period. it was Bireon,
who for the past 2 years had been steadily gang-beaten by all
those different domains, and was left with almost nothing
compared to her former glory. she had pretty much snapped.
Tournen was left without a ruler, and Alamie promptly invaded.
Dhoesone was left without an effective ruler (some minor noble
that the land chose, after the 2 wizards of the realm were
done fighting over it, with neither winning much), and was
invaded by an organized Giantdowns, which showed at that time
that it had been mostly conquered by Ghuralli(sp?), with
Ghuralli becoming a vassal to the Gorgon (like Markazor), in
return for the gorgon's great help in destroying the other
clan lords of the region.

Llew then decided to invade (or 'rescue, as she called it)
Dhoesone, and try to claim the forested provinces. after about
a year she did this. her people were close to rebelling, since
she had spent more than a year and a lot of resources
expanding the realm, which not all elves thought of as worth
the cost.

Just before this time a 3rd PC came in. i won't begin with
him, but he wasn't a bright fellow (the player and the PC). he
was a wizard, remote cousin to the duchess, and had just
gained the official wizard position before her death. he began
to try and become the ruler of Tournen while fending off
Alamie. he was making a huge mess of it all. he made a lot of
mistakes, which we pointed out to him, but most of the time he
did them anyway. didn't matter. as a wizard he had a 13 INT,
anyway. one of the dumbest wizards i've ever seen.

Boeruine and Ghoere were preparing to invade also, to 'rescue'
Tournen. Avan didn't, since his troops were in Brosengae
helping to fight off Rhoubhe. he didn't want to divide his
army, since he could then loose both wars, so he took a
diplomatic approach. he contacted the wizard, the WIT, and
Devlyn, and tried to strike a deal, which succeeded on all 3.
he (avan) would make all 3 barons of himself, and allow them
to use their own resources to claim parts of former Tournen as
their own. they would declare their support for Avan's claim
to the throne. just as Boeruine and Ghoere were about to
invade, the 3 of them were able to gather enough of the lands
and support to scare them off from a full invasion. Ghoere
instead turned to support Alamie in it's invasion, and
Boeruine held off to fend off Rhoubhe, who had turned it's
attention away from the rest of Taeghas to Boeruine.

after 5 months or so, Alamie was fought off entirely, and a
treaty was signed.

meanwhile, Tuar had gotten Cariele and the forested provinces
of Dhoesone. it was huge, and this scared everyone. Llew (the
PC) was feeling cocky and lazy, so i decided the perfect time
was now to have the Gorgon launch his full invasion of Anuire,
except this time on Tuarhievel and the Sielewode.

this war went on for 2 years, with Mhoried and other realms
deciding that although Tuar was bad, the Gorgon was worse, and
this gave Llew the opportunity to patch up some treaties and
alliances with Mhoried. Tuar had just about every bit of it
destroyed at some point, and was near explosion from many
different forces. then Llew gathered everything she and allies
had, and launched an offensive for the first time on the
Gorgon. she made it all the way to Kal-Saithrak, and was
soundly defeated. but that stopped the Gorgon for the next few
years, anyway, which is what she wanted.

things got somewhat better, and this is about halfway through
the important stuff, so I'll stop here, and continue with Part
2 when my fingers stop burning.
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