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This is a magical item/artifact i'm about to use in my campaign.

it is powerful, so i recommend only letting an NPC have it, and
since it is strictly an elven magical item, that NPC should be an elf.

it looks like a oaken staff of a solid piece. it is smooth, thick,
and long (8' Tall). one end is a polished wooden knob, also one piece
with the staff. at the other end, the staff slpits into 4 seperate
'branches', each less than 4" long, with a face at the end of each.

one face is a Dragon's.
another is that of a Giant's (large blocky features)
the third is a goblin's (elite goblin features)
the fourth is a human's (anuirean/rjurik features)

all of the faces are carved with great care and detail, and look
almost lifelike. there is no other decorations other than that.

it was created by an elven wizard in the 3rd century after the
Masetian Arrival, and only a couple of centuries before Diesmaar,
so is *very* old, but looks new (no dents, scratches, blemishes,
etc.) by the name of Dylvain Gwngydlaigh (goon-GID-ee-lay) to
help fight the ennemies of the elven race.

only one of full elven blood can touch and use the staff. anyone
else is hit with a great sickness immediatly. it causes the person to
be bedridden for 2d3 days, with an effective strength , con, and dex
of 5 each. save vs paralyzation for 1d4 days instead. full elven
blood means that not even half elves can pick it up and use it, and
also not even blooded elves, since they have the blood of the human
gods in them. the DM may rule this not so, and allow blooded elves to
wield it. their call.

when used against a foe not of the four mentioned above, and not
another elf, it has the following powers:

* acts as +1 weapon, to hit and damage.
* can cast the following 3 times a day a day, or for 1 charge each
time after that.
* Magic Missile (appears as a flash of light streaking towards the
* Enlarge
* Gaze Reflection
* Jump
* can cast each of the following once per day, or for 2 charges each
time after that.
* Blur
* Blindness

If used against one of the Four Enemies however, it can do the
* acts as a +4 weapon, to hit and damage.
* can cast all the spells mentioned above, just as mentioned above.
* can cast the following spells with 5 charges each.
* Protection from Normal Missles
* Slow
* Confusion
* Dimension Door
* Shout
* can cast the following with 8 charges each.
* Spell Turning
* Freezing Shere (Otiluke's Freezing Shere)
* Mass Suggestion
* can be broken like a Staff of the Archmagi, in which case the
weilder and any foes in a 30' radius suffers 10d6 lighning and fire
damage. save vs breath weapon (my own rule, since it is a projectile
attack. i use vs spell rarely) for half.

this weapon should never be used against another elf. if it is, it
has the powers as if attacking one of the Four Enemies (and therefore
the powers of attacking something *not* of the Four Enemies), with the
following modifications:
* acts as a cursed weapon, giving -2 to hit and damage.
* all spells remain the same.
* if broken, wielder and the opponent elf suffer 10d6 points of
lightning and fire damage, as long as both of them are within 90' of
each other. both can save, in which case they are teleported to
some random, hostile location. they can be teleoprted together or
seperately (DM's call).
* when the fight ends, no matter how or who is the victor, the staff
breaks itself, as per the just above rules. it doesn't like fighting
against another elf.

it has 20 charges, and can only be recharged by a special quest. my
reccomendation would be to have it bathed in the blood of a very
powerful (DM's decision) member of each of the Four Enemie's races.
the Enemy must have been killed not using the staff, and the blood
must be within 3 days fresh. all of the blood must be used. every
liter. so the DM may make it difficult for the PCs to find a way to
suck the opponent's body dry, and carefully transport the blood.

in my campaign, it is wielded by Gylvain (the same one from the Iron
Throne book), which a PC (ruler of Tuarhievel) went on quest to track
down and talk to. the two of them just went on a trip to Lluabraight,
which is now ruled by Rhoubhe Manslayer (he was kicked out of Rhoubhe
after a big battle). Gylvain was going thinking that he may need to
end up using it against Rhoubhe (therefore bringing on the powers
against elves). luckily the PC carefully intervened and prevented any
fighting. good bit of XP on her part.
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