Well, geez, folks I apologize like all hell. I hope this doesn't prove
too much of a hassle for anyone out there.

If anyone did run that Happy99 thing (it opens a little window please go
to the following website and download the cleaner for it:


There are instructions on how to run the cleaner on that site, as well
as a manual fix if you have some problem with the program. Remember to
restart your computer BEFORE you run the cleanup program. It will
restart your computer automatically when it is done, and give you a list
of people the Happy99.exe program sent itself too when it starts back
up. Don't forget to delete the Happy99.exe file off your PC when you
are done if you haven't done it already.

Anyway, I'd like to apologize again for this thing. Please take an
example from me and do not download files from spam. I'd also like to
thank JulesMrshn who found me on Instant Messenger just a few minutes
after I sent the email that had the virus in it and told me what was
going on. He also gave me the address for the virus cleaner, and let me
email him to test if my PC was still sending emails with attachments.

Needless to say if there is an email message with an attachment and the
same title on this message board DO NOT run that attachment! (There
shouldn't be.)

I have to write email to the people I emailed this weekend and warn them
about this too. Thankfully, it was only two people....