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    Daniel I Bell

    0 Level NPC

    Pavin Goelick
    (0-level An, unblooded)

    St: 07
    Dex: 14
    Con: 08
    Int: 12
    Wis: 08
    Ch: 10

    Pavin is a young brash lad, having seen eleven summers and losing his
    parents to goblins/orogs/elves (insert appropriate humaniods here),
    having to grow up fast he lost any sort of compassion for others. The boy
    stands at about four feet, and is extremly malnutrioned. His sheepish
    appearence is somewhat misleading as his mind is as sharp as a fox. Pavin
    unknowly works for El Hadid as an informant; since he has always reported
    to an intermediary named Butch, he does not know that he might
    be compromising the safety of his mentor (the PC he adopts; see below).

    Using Pavin in a Campaign:
    When added into a Birthright campaign, Pavin will try to adopt the highest
    ranking PC as his mentor/parent. This a scheme however, as he has been
    assigned to befriend the party in order to report to his direct contact
    (Butch). All info that Pavin collects, (such as the party's location,
    activies, and contacts) is of course forwarded to El Hadid, and can be
    used by a intelligent DM to had a little spice to make things interesting.
    [If the PCs are not well-known, they may encounter Pavin randomly, but he
    won't be assigned to them untill they increase in importance.]
    Pavin infrequently delivers his infomation about the party (the first
    meeting occurs four weeks after he has joined-usually at the local market,
    and he is very careful to prove to the PCs that he can be trusted). This
    eager youth is perfect for adding to the PC's party in order to gain
    their trust, and compainionship. Action-oriented DMs can have Pavin show
    his true colors at an inconvientent time, however this NPC is more aptly
    suted for misinformation purposes, and is ideal in order to introduce a
    powerful guilder into a campaign easliy, with as smooth as a transition as

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    Mark A Vandermeulen

    0 Level NPC

    On Mon, 3 May 1999, Daniel I Bell wrote:

    > Pavin Goelick
    > (0-level An, unblooded)

    Nice little NPC you posted there Dan, thanks. He may come in handy at some

    Mark VanderMeulen

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