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    SCO Adam Theo

    Re[2]: Rjurik Monsters/Cultures

    Hello Sidhain, Adam Theo here. 3:09 PM, 5/3/1999.

    At 5/3/1999, 9:35 AM, Sidhain []
    wrote in '[BIRTHRIGHT] - Rjurik Monsters/Cultures'.
    Here is my reply:

    i always thought that the Masetians are like the very anchient
    Hebrew and Babylonian peoples (a mix, kind of), but with the added
    culture of the sea.

    i have also been thinking that their architecture could have been
    like the babylonian/fertile cresent styles.

    of course, this is just my thoughts, and don't have any official
    backing whatsoever.
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    Re[2]: Rjurik Monsters/Cultures

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