Hello the, Adam Theo here. 3:06 PM, 5/3/1999.

At 5/3/1999, 6:48 AM, the Falcon [m.m.richert@twi.tudelft.nl]
wrote in '[BIRTHRIGHT] - Please, no HTML!!!'.
Here is my reply:

yes, i have to say i support non html posts as well. just for the
simple fact that:

* while i can easily read it on my email clinet (The Bat! 1.31),
html mail takes up about 4 times as much space as non html mail, and i
am using IMAP, not POP3 for my mail.
* is it really needed to use html mail on this list? i can't really
think of too many. i suppose that if someone really needs to use html
for their email, then go ahead and do, but otherwise, keep it down?

thanks :)
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