The Lands of the Holy Sun Khinasi PBEM is always accepting new players, and
there are still many nice domains available. New this turn: the lands of
Sahirde el-Mehare, the Golden Archipelago, are now open for players! Below
is a list of available domains in the PBEM.

Mainland Khinasi

Landed Rulers
- -------------
Tarvan Waste/Uigher nomads
Tarvan Waste/Stone Axe gnolls
Tarvan Waste/Blue Dragon (an ex-paladin turned awnshegh)

- -------
Djiran Temple of Leira
Dragonsea Temple of Kings (a temple formed from Dragonsea Temple of Haelyn
and Church of the Eternal Seas)
Great Temple of Avani
Medecian Way of Avani
Sera's Blessing
Temple of the Ancients
Unbrausen Temple of Kirche

- ------
Besaiam Guild (vassal of the Lamia)
Breadfruit North-South
Djafran Merchant League
Docandragh Coster
Extraordinary Traders of Turin
Gold Coast Coster
Merchant Consortium of Suiriene
Northern Traders Guild
Saere Consortium

- -------
Gray Shadow
Jafar el-Hadad (royal mage of Min Dhousai)
Mansur Sihaf (royal mage of Min Dhousai)
Salim Teraziz (royal mage of Min Dhousai)

Sahirde el-Mehare

Landed Rulers
- -------------
Nahrif (three different rulers): an emirate torn apart by squabbling
Nurazim: a mysterious land rules by flame sorcerers
Sulam: a proud caliphate ruled by a temple of Avani
├ťzmir: a sultanate fanatically devoted to Halaia

- -------
Blue Waves of Nasri: a temple of Nasri
Grand Temple of Halaia: the state religion of Uzmir
Scimitars of Khirdai: the warlike temple of Nahrif
Temple of Mystic Fire: the fire temple of Nurazim

- ------
Karbey Trading Company: the official guild of Uzmir
Merchant House of el-Derif: the official guild of Sulam
Tujar el-Mehare: the guild of Nahrif

- -------
Ceyhan: court wizard of Uzmir
Ekh-Rames: a mysterious mage residing in Nahrif
Jarid: court wizard of Sulam

Aleksei Andrievski
aka Solmyr, Archmage of the Azure Star
aka Azure Star Dragon