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> Here is my reply:
> okay, in my last post just a couple of minutes ago i talked about
>free vs paid hosting. i forgot to mention hosting it ourselves.

I've been thinking about this....
I have a friend who is already running two webservers, and (my new
email address if anyone has noticed is also from him) he has offered
me to get me an account, for free. I also beleive he is willing to host a
Birthright site for free and he should know enough to do it (he is studying
informatics) and also teach me how to run "maintenance" on the server.
This connection he is connected to is 2MBit (I think though I'm not sure
possible it's only 64KBit), and there is now limits on users and etc. That
is he is offering the same service to several friends and as long we don't
take ALL the bandwidth he doesn't mind. Currently he has set about 5MB
as the limit, but this is to conserve disk space a bit, and is more a
guideline than a rule (i. e. 6-7MB np, permanently 35MB probably not)
I'll call this friend of mine today and ask him "officially" if there isn't
questions or problems, from any of you.
So please answer to the list or personally what you think ?


> if someone on the list has know how to operate UNIX/Linux (my
>favorites. sorry WinNT lovers, but i'm a power user), plus Apache,
>SmartList/Listserv, and all that other great server stuff, and has the
>hardware capability at home to set up a small web server, then could
>you consider it? is there anyone here that knows this stuff other than
>me? please?
> having a cable modem, and most other types of permanent internet
>connections will most often allow you to host a small web server off
>of it. it really depends upon what your cable connection provider
>allows. there are some that don't. if you don't know about IP
>Addresses, TCP/IP, or web servers, then you can ignore this part and
>all parts after this about home web servers, and cable connections.
> check with your internet connection provider. do they allow you to
>set up your own server off of the connection? what is the
>outgoing/uploading bandwidth allowed?
> then consider settiong up a Linux/Apache box if you don't have one
>already. are you familiar with Super User commands and setting up
>virtual accounts and sub domains? how about trouble shooting?
> if all of the above are positive, then consider helping out BR by
>hosting a small web server.
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