On Sun, 2 May 1999, Olesens wrote:

Another good thing
> for newbies would be a solid adventure for first level charachters. It seems
> like "Family Matters" in the back of Ruins of Empire is meant for higher level
> charachters. If this intro adventure could really catch some of the unique
> aspects of Birthright and show them to both player and DM in an easy way, we
> might get a lot more keepers.

I've been thinking a little about this recently. A good location for such
a first level adventure might be the base-of-operations of Mourde Alondir
along the coast of Aerenwe. At least according to my conception, his base
is an old pirate anchorage. As far as interesting adventure ideas go,
there's the possibility of other pirates in the area, the threat of
"strange bandits" in the area (although these are supposedly Queen
Swordwraith's rangers), the possibility of elven ruins in the area,
conflict between Alondir's operations and High Mage Aelies, wrecked ships
along the rocky "Wild Coast." This could also serve as a good place to
lieutennants who have been instructed to try to infiltrate the local
pirates (perhaps to gather evidence linking the piracy to one of the
regent's enemies).

Setting an introductory adventure there would allow us to produce a useful
DM's tool that would also be useful for current DM's (i.e. a map and NPC's
of a new area). We could produce something akin to a "Player's Secrets"
book without having to detail a whole domain--instead we would be
detailing at most a single province--a less ambitious, but perhaps a more
reasonable goal, at least for an initial group effort.

Does this sound good to any one else? Anyone have any better location
ideas? Or any adventure ideas?

Mark VanderMeulen