Before I go on with this, some comments. This is an inherited, formerly
shared campaign, so there are parts that were not mine to begin with. Also,
the players wanted to keep this campaign going, so I agreed to do so. I
favor player input and participation.
The br setting is about 80 years after the beginning stated in the
boxed set. Much has happened, and there is still more to occur.
The players number five, with two females amongst the three males in
the gaming group. One of the females is new to role-playing, and she has
been a joy to watch. There are the following party members: a female centaur
fighter, a female elf cleric/thief (yes, the elves now have gods, but the
culture views them differently than humans do theirs), a female human mage,
a male elf mage/ranger, and a male human ranger with a tainted bloodline
(which the character does not know about at this time).
So far, the players have decided to play in br without worrying about
ruling anything, which suits me fine at this point. They have been
adventuring so far. In the giantdowns region.
To portray the continent a little more clearer, I will say this. In
Anuire, both Avanil and Boeruine are no longer as powerful as they were
primarily due to Manslayer, secondarily to politics). They are now minor
powers. Talinie is the major power in the western coast region, with Mhoried
being the best hope for "salvation" in the heartlands. The southern coast
has Medoere, although the Spiderfell has expanded into the north and
northwest. Ghoere and Roesone are now battlefields with "noble" bandits
being the ruling force. Elinie has become stronger, and has allied with
Mhoried (who has expanded as well, but its independent-minded people tend to
cause problems).
The Gorgon's Crown is greatly increased in size. The northern marches
are now part of it, except for the elven and five peak areas. The eastern
marches are a war zone, because the gorgon wants the whole region. The
dwarves, who are quite different than ad&d dwarves, hold against the inhuman
forces (who are humans changed into beast-like humanoids by certain magics),
but they stand alone. They have a secret of epic proportions, and because of
it, they are extremely isolationist. The elves of the Sielwode are in decent
shape (unlike so many other elven areas - the pcs have discovered that elves
in general are in serious trouble, they may not survive as a species much
longer - there is a secret here as well, but the pcs are not delving into
that for now, for it involves fey magic and the borderlands, the realm which
is between Cerilia and the Shadow world).
In the Khinasi lands, the Serpent truly rules. He has partially
succeeded in his goal to become divine, and with this has become awesomely
potent as a ruler. All of the island states are his, and djafra is his
outright. This has led to serious conflict with the magian, who has added
more regions as well, but more westerly in direction. Surprisingly,
maalvar's area in still free, but that is primarily due to it becoming a
guerilla battleground between the serpent's and the magian's forces. Even
with the amount of time that has passed, this shows the problems of powerful
awnsheghlien warring with each other.
The plains states are an area of continual turmoil. Ariya has beaten
aftane, while binsada has dealt with sendoure and zikala. The sphinx has
overrun the tarvan wastes. It is thought the awnshegh has discovered some
ancient ruins that can help him immensely. The harpy has allied with ariya.
With all of this going on, there is a heckuva lot of looting and pillaging
going on.
The zhainge valley area has become the land of the black spear tribes.
The lamia is no more, as is the basilisk. Mesire is ruled by the black
spears, but is in rebellion, supported by ariya and binsada.
The docandragh area is mostly split between the serpent and the magian.
Min dhousai is the magian's, and the iron hand tribes have been subjugated
by him. The elves here are almost decimated. Soon, very soon, the war
between the serpent and the magian will become real and widespread.
As this is getting long, I will stop here, and post more, if there is
interest. Thanks for reading.