Well, the general consensus seems to be that I was barking up the wrong
tree. I have always considered the Birthright Netbook (which Ian maintains)
to be the premier site for Birthright. If there is to be a page of links to
Birthright site, then at the very least (IMO) it should be linked from
there. In my mind, it has been a repository for all of that "rules-based
information". By that I mean things like blood abilities, new rules, domain
actions, etc.

On the other hand, Morg's Adytum contains other "supplementary" (I can't
really think of a good word to describe it)material, such as NPC's, new
Awnsheglien, Maps, Religion & Faith, discussions from this list, etc.

But there is no real central place for campaign material. By campaign
material, I mean things such as the information that has been developed as
part of the Online City Project, player's secrets books, etc. People develop
things for their own campaigns (which are set in all corners of Cerilia, and
even in other places) that others would love to hear about. This
information, put together in one place would give TSR a pretty clear message
that Birthright is alive and well, despite being "put on indefinite hold".

I'm not saying we need to start up a brand new project, but all of this sort
of information should be in one place. It would be a pity to lose it, and if
it is spread over 50 different web sites, many of which move location every
few years, then those who come into Birthright will not find it. Imagine
someone going out and buying the boxed set, then checking the net and
finding the Netbook, the Adytum and whatever is done with the campaign info.
This person will stick with BR (assuming they actually like it, which I an't
imagine is too difficult). On the other hand, if the opposite happens, then
we may well lose them from the world of BR

I had a momentary vision of a site devoted to campaign material for BR
(whether that is hosted on or part of the Adytum doesn't matter, as long as
it is very easy to find and people know where it is). The page is divided
into several sections, on for each region of Cerilia - Anuire, Rjuvik,
Khinasi, Brechtur and the lands of the Vos. These sections then conatin info
that people who are running a campaign in that part of the world may find
interesting or of use.

comments? or am I still barking in the wrong direction,


> I
> think we should keep the OCP as a seperate project and use Morg's
> Adytum for all
> other OCP-type Cerilian stuff. I would be very willing to do the
> as-current-and-comprehensive-as-possible links page. What do you
> think about
> this starting point page (I'm thinking along the lines of ITSoD's
> main page that
> has links to the other regional pages)? Anyone want to design
> it? How about an
> Online Birthright logo and button? If we have the huge mass of
> Birthright stuff
> that is on the web today all linked to from one page (with a
> visit counter, of
> course), we can easily show WotC how much player devotion there
> is (and how much
> they're not making by letting us do the work).