Hello Olesens, Adam Theo here. 3:38 PM, 5/1/1999.

At 5/1/1999, 2:57 PM, Olesens [olesens@bellatlantic.net]
wrote in '[BIRTHRIGHT] - Reviving the Line, Online City Project and a Suggestion'.
Here is my reply:
> I think we should have a Big Birthright
> Homepage. Basically something we submit to every search engine we can find, and
> will serve as the starting page for all our collections. Links to every major
> Birthright page. And an up-to-date links page to every Birthright homepage. I
> think we should keep the OCP as a seperate project and use Morg's Adytum for all
> other OCP-type Cerilian stuff.

hello, all. well, the domain name 'birthright.net' is available last
time i checked, but i have no idea who would want to spend us$70 for
it, to allow people to use it. I suppose if everyone thinks it's a
good idea to have our own domain name for it, we could all pitch in a
few dollars each. *shrug* just a mild idea.

i'm the executive owner of a web host company for small businesses,
so *maybe* i could elp out with the hosting part. problem is that my
web host services are meant for business and other organizational use,
and are not cheap, so i guess i couldn't help out there. i'm hosting
the Online City Project on my server, but that's moderately
inexpensive for me, and a charitable service to BR and Ian.
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