Well as we left our Heroes last they had escaped the Dragon Dhaemoshadhe
with but a riddle to answer "Never do I see the light of day yet I bear the
weight of the world for good or ill so the Sages say Never seen always
within Name this things or all who walk upon CaelCorwynn's shores shall be

The heroes clueless hurry away from Thol Dhum and return to find themselves
cut off by an army of Undead they manage to sneak to Ironheart and discover
that the Undead are lead by the Lich whose name was once Erinne Allbrinnoc
but is now known only as "Defile"
Defile and his armies have clashed with the Chamberlain before, because the
Chamberlain was an elf once named Caelcorwynn and who saw the isle become a
place of peaice at the hands of King Awne and who used his magics to veil
himself from all but the regents in succession. He reveals who he is now and
turns himself over to Defile in order for the "Children" to escape to
waiting ship...
The Homunculi (who lived after his masters death some many centuries ago)
survived until now only because of the very powerful blood of his master
(who was blooded) he gives up his life to grant his blooded abilities to
Jhaerdhe (who is rapidly becoming a Wizard) Jhaerdhe manifests more feline
traits (before just his eyes were catlike allowing him to see in the
darkness) but now he grows faint fangs and pointed ears. They make it to the
ship with Defile's Cavalry hot behind them a Ghostly group of knights
summonned from a horn in the Chamberlains care rides to meet them and delays
them enough to make it to the ship.
There they discover one of their cousins talents is indeed a love and skill
with the sea. By this point in time the mingled blood of Azrai and Anduiras
within the Lady Fhiele has manifested fully making her indeed a centaur in
shape and has begone affecting her mind, they have great difficulty getting
her on boeard a ship and finally manage to convince her to go. The ship is
beset by storm, and the Black ships of Defile but manage to escape the ships
but the storm shatters their ship before they reach the sore and they are
scattered along the coast of Arenwe.

Jhaerdhe and Gaelin end up together
and Shaemus,Fhiele and Dietric are together..

Jhardhe and Gaelin head along the coast and are drawn into the Erebannian
where they get lost and barely escape with their lives from some unseen foe
who assaults them.

Shaemus,Fhiele and Dietric go along the coast souternly and end up in Aniere
they catch a another boat and manage to sail to the City of Anuire. Within
the city they call in old favors and new in roads, and set about gathering
an army funded by vast moneys on store for the Isle of Caelcorwynn (and
lots of Families wo remember King Arwne when he was Captain of the
Lightning, favors that go back for generations)
Many proffesionals who show up grandchildren of those who served with
Captain Arwne as well and an army gathers but no leaders appear. The City of
Anuire suspicious of the gathering Mercenraies and militaries ask them to
leave politely..........

Meanwhile Jhaerdhe and Gaelyn discover Elves who have been harassing them
the entire time, one of them recognises however the Marks pon a Medallion
which Jhaerdhe wears and nearly kills him for it, before pausing to ask
where he got it, discovering that the Chancellor Caelcorwynn did indeed gift
it to him, the Elves offer to help retake the island when they have the
time....but they must first deal with a nasty brutish anshweigh and his
armies of Orogs as well as rescue the children kidnapped by this monster.
They Jhaerdhe and Gaelin end up offering to aid th Elves, but differ on how,
Gaelyn refuses to sneak in and assasinate the monster but isntead offers to
challenge him to a duel, Jhaerdhe and some fo the Elves sneak in during the
duel and rescue the Children. Gaelyn is nearly slain before his blade takes
the answeighs head, and while ill and from wounds has a vision of Haelyn.

The firs mercenaries arive on Caelcorwynn and beign a hard battle against
the numerous Undead legions of Defile....

One of the men who joined to aid the heroes is acting bodguard to the
"children" when the elf who bears Ialthe appears and slays several
mercenaries the bodyguards and is only stoppe by the reappearance of Algrymn
who manages to drive him back by severing the hand holding Ialthe ,
reclaiming his sword the elf retreats...having failed at his first attempt
to kill them. (This elf who wields Ialthe beleives Caelcorwyns betrayed the
elves and is out to see Caelcorwynns "proteges" destroyed.)