Well, I'm going to chime in here with a few things, following an excellent
post from Craig.

Firstly, an apology to everyone who gets this twice, as there are probably
quite a few of you :-)

Secondly, as I have already notified a few people, I am unable to continue
as Coordinator of the Birthright Online City Project. I am not going away,
and will continue to remain part of this community, but I simply do not have
the time necessary to devote to the project any more. If anyone is
interested in taking over, please email me and we can discuss it. It does
not involve that much, mainly motivation and commenting on ideas (I do feel
as coordinator that I should comment on everything to be fair, and I don't
have time to do that any more). I am quite happy to continue to be the
moderator for the BROCP mailing list, since that took me a while to figure
out and does not involve much work.

But that is not the main reason for this email.

I have read all of the posts about reviving the line, and I have to
wholeheartedly agree with every point that was made. However, a few things
struck me. Several people stated that while they checked out the Online City
Project, it was of no use to them in their campaigns, so they paid it no
further attention. And, as Darren rightly stated, there have been many posts
to this list that were perfect for that kind of project, though they were
not strictly speaking applicable to the Imperial City itself.

So here is my suggestion....

Why not expand the Online City Project into an Online Cerilia Project? All
of those things that people are developing (as someone pointed out, several
people are developing their own "Player/DM's Secrets Guides" for various
regions - eg. I know Peter is doing Kal-Saitharak), and others have come up
with great descriptions of various areas of Cerilia, or adventure locations,
etc. So how about putting all of this stuff into a single project - a single
repository for all of the adventure specific stuff? I agree we already have
the netbook, and that still remains (and always has thanks to Ian's
fantastic devotion and efforts) the number one birthright site.

I guess it would be much like the Adurian Expansion that Darkstar et all are
already doing, but for Cerilia itself. It would make it relevant for almost
everyone, and mean that everyone can contribute locations, adventures, etc
that they have developed for their own campaigns.

One of the things I have always kept in mind (and still do) with the Online
City Project was to ensure that the anything published is attributed to the
author, and I do think that this would have to be continued on. It is
important that nobody "loses" their work to the community or the project
otherwise this would lead to competition and division in this great

Well, that was my brainstorm, and I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts on
it. I don't know if it will work, but it would involve everyone who plays
Birthright. And it would also provide a *very* united front, which just
maybe might make the big wigs who make the decisions at WotC sit up and
think again.

Cheers everyone,


Simon Graindorge
E-Mail: simong@iinet.net.au
ICQ: 9222846