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>4. Conventions
>Outside of the RPGA being used as a tool for interest. There is nothing
>us from running BR games at conventions independantly of the official games.
>We could even form an unofficial Birthright Players League and run the same
>module worldwide at conventions. Again, this would show coordinated
>and there is always somebody willing to jump into an open game during a
>convention. These people can then be lured into our little trap :)

Here I may be able to contribute. It's a little late to submit a convention
game for the local cons (Melbourne Australia) - and I'm already running a
freeform in the next two - but I can write up something for next Year. I have
one or two logistic problems;
BR is not a well known system down here (to the best of my knowledge) & the
BR world has a fair bit of depth and complexity. To explain the basic history,
current political status, six different human races, the Gheallie Sidhe,
Awnsheghlien and domain action rules would leave little time for the game
itself. How little can I explain and still promote the BR world flavour.
The first possibility that comes to mind is a freeform (cutting out the need
for game mechanics), set in a reasonably closed off area - Baruk Azhik, the
court of Tuarhievel or similar, so that only limited details need to be read
out at the start.
The second possibility is a strategy only, run over two or more sessions,
spending a fair bit of time in the first session listing domain actions / war
Another (and perhaps easiest to write), would be a regular 4-5 player
adventure with non-regents, just using the BR background and a few blood

OK, putting it down in print has given me a few ideas, but what have others
found has worked for BR con games?


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