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    Ryan R. Behar

    Character sheets

    At 12:08 PM 4/21/97 +1000, you wrote:
    >We have some character sheets that we have modified that make use of Skills
    >and Powers plus Birthright additions. If anyone would like to have a copy
    >to use or modify, please mail me personally and I can send you a copy. They
    >are in Microsoft Excel 97 format, but I can save it to previous versions if
    >you require it.
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    >* BDS
    >* Level 2, 80 Chandos St
    >* St Leonards, NSW 2065, Australia
    >* Ph - (02) 9436 2545 / Fax (02) 9436 2565
    >* /
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    >************************************************* **************************
    >>'unsubscribe birthright' as the body of the message.
    I would'nt mind having a copy if you could send it to me

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    Alan B. Barton

    Character Sheets

    I would love a Windows enviroment document.


    Dustin Evermore wrote:

    > I mentioned a little while ago that I had created a
    > Birthright-specific
    > character sheet which also included space for information used by the
    > Player's Option books. At the time I only had a version in
    > ClarisWorks. Now,
    > however, I have a version for MS Word (6.0.1 is the version I'm using,
    > and
    > I can convert to other stuff like rich text format, etc.). However, I
    > think you still need Dom Casual font to get a decent print out of it,
    > and I
    > can include that if you like.
    > I use a mac, so if you'd like a Windows version let me know and I can
    > convert it. Also windows users will probably have to dig up a version
    > of Dom
    > Casual (I got mine with from Hewlett Packard) font. I will send Dom
    > Casual mac font as part of the package, though.
    > The character sheet converted nicely with only a slight difference in
    > formatting. The sheet is finished with rounded boxes and a greyed
    > background
    > for that "official" look.
    > Email me personally at if you'd like
    > a
    > copy!
    > DE
    > **
    > ************************************************** **********************
    > To unsubscribe from this list send mail to with the
    > line

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    Character Sheets

    I just signed onto this list and have a question.

    Does anyone have a Birthright specific character sheet. I'm involved in two
    seperate BR campaigns right now, and the DM and I are trying to come up with
    a single cgaracter sheet that will hold all the BR information. I'm working
    on one right now, but if anyone already has one, could you let me know.


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