Heh ... well, considering most of the recent posts to the list have
really had nothing to do with BR, I guess I'll throw this in too:

DKEvermore@aol.com wrote:
> Yeah. I gotta couple of minions that I could lend out to help "encourage" the appropriate personages. Sure, they don't get out much and they game an awful lot, but they're big guys and REAL persistant. ;-)<

Ya can count me in with ya big guy! In fact, I'll lead them! Though
I'm not big like you guys Dustin m'boy, I'm completely feral ...

;) Heh.

Oh, and demented too! Really, just ask anyone on this list! :)

And I can supply the warpaint and the big sticks with pointed bits too.
(Leather and the whips are a special order, though - I'm saving that
stuff for when I meet Ms Bebris in person ...).

(Heh. Sorry, Carrie, couldn't resist ...) :D

Ed, you better tell those uppity, two-bit pseudo-Anuirean big-wigs (aka
da bosses) at WotC that their BR fans are becoming violent. We've
already chewed and whittled our shields down to kindling ... pretty soon
we'll have to start on warm blooded pseudo-Anuirean blokes ...

Grrr. ;)

The Cooperman (who is choked Tony didn't represent me on the cover of
TotHW ... WotC must have some kind of ban on short feral Vos who are
heavily into black leather or something!) :)