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    sex, gods, and rock and roll

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    I know this thread has been beaten to death, but this statement is so full of
    shit that I just have to put my two cents worth in, too. Rape is not about
    sexual fulfillment; it is about control and/or getting one's way no matter
    what. I am a man and a good deal of the pleasure I get out of sex is the
    pleasure I sense the woman getting out of it. This is the way most people
    feel about sex, giving and receiving mutual pleasure. A rapist is not
    concerned about the woman's pleasure. A violent rapist usually has a
    psycological need to control women, while a date rapist is a selfish person
    who has to have his way, and probally feels inadequate if he doesn't get it.
    The bottom line is that rapists don't care about the woman's feelings or
    needs or satisfaction, and I believe that most rapists satisfy a
    psychological need, not a sexual need, when they rape. Therefore, I can
    honestly say I would never rape because I would get no sexual satisfaction
    out of it. I could not force myself on a woman who did not want me and was
    frightened of and repulsed by me; I would feel pathetic doing so. Think
    about it. It takes a specific kind of psychological makeup to actually be
    capable of rape. It's one thing to sit around on your computer feeling horny
    and looking at porn shots and thinking, "Man, if that bitch walked in my room
    right now I'd jump her bones and #@$% the %$^& out of her!" Most similar
    male sexual fantasy mental wanderings-daydreams imagine the woman immensely
    enjoying the man's sexual might. However, it is quite another thing
    altogether, in reality, to face a frightened, struggling woman who you know
    thinks you are a monster, and physically hold her down while you force your
    penis into her vagina repeatedly. As I said, it takes a certain kind of
    personality to actually go through with this act. Your statement that most
    men don't rape out of fear of consequences is bogus. With an act such as
    rape, fear of consequences has very little to do with it, in my opinion.
    More likely, fear of consequences keeps those who do rape from raping more
    often and in the open. I say that those who do not rape now would not rape
    under any circumstances, even if there were no laws against it.
    As far as the gods dorking mortals, I say it's totally up to the DM. The BR
    gods were once human, so they would be likely candidates to interact with
    mortals in such a way. However, I think gods would only create offspring,
    either divine or semi-devine, with an exact pupose in mind. I seriously
    doubt that divinities in their godly forms in the outer planes would feel
    sexual desires, at least not like humans do. Their avatars might, however,
    so they would probably send them to consumate the act, as opposed to the
    implanting a seed/virgin birth method. Anyway, such offspring between mortal
    and god should be rare and have a specific destiny to live and reason for

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    sex, gods, and rock and roll

    Ok, one last message on rape since you want to argue it.
    Bearcat [ Clark Medeiros)] points out that
    inductive logic can't prove all men are rapists, only that some are. True
    enough, But we are talking potential rapists, and facing some serious
    evidence. When those insisting they would never rape offer little more than
    statements made as well by thousands of known rapists, we are wise to assume
    they have the potential too. That may not be precisely logical, but it is
    routine, and routinely correct.
    Homosexuality serves no reproductive purpose? But it most certainly
    does. Just what that purpose is is a matter of considerable debate. Some
    possibilities: The homosexual is a good supporter of children, and makes up
    for his own lack of children by giving his siblings' kids a better chance of
    success. Homosexuality is a combination of genes, each of which improves
    reproductive success. Unfortunately for the homosexual, the combination of
    all of them negates reproduction. However, since those having, say, 9 out of
    10 genes, do so well, the homosexual continues to reappear.
    These, and/or others, may or may not be the exact method, but
    homosexuality definitely does improve reproduction in some cases. A point of
    interest here is that it has been reported in about 20% of species seriously
    studied. says that since he gets pleasure from the woman's
    pleasure, he would not rape because she would get no pleasure from that. The
    argument fails on its face since he only gets some of his pleasure from her
    pleasure. A distinct minority in all liklihood. He would thus find rape
    less enjoyable than more voluntary associations, but still pleasurable.
    He would also like to claim that the purpose of rape is to control the
    woman, not sex. This theory is popular with some feminists, but has major
    problems when confronted with evidence. Rape is a sexual action, not an
    attempt to control. (Often enough the rapist ceases all contract with his
    victim, which makes control both difficult, and apparently unimportant.)
    When we consider other species, we see the oranutan rapes, but has almost no
    social life and no attempt to control the female. The chimp by contrast has
    much more social life and makes considerable effort to control the female
    (one tactic being to beat her up until she is too terrified to say no when
    she is fertile, which may be months later.) But clear rape is rare at most.
    We control in order to rape, not rape in order to control.
    Yours for deeper dungeons
    David Argall

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