Yes "lack" is a problem for you?
Lack of "quality" food then
Bulk doesn't make up for quality, my sources are correct, they said "The
lack of high protien foods nessecary for muscular development was lacking
( I have the percentages somewhere but its not that important) pre
civilized female diets"
JUst because I didn't specifiy type of food doesn't mean my sources are
wrong, if the food women ate didn't provide them with the equivilant
nutritional values as men and as a result men got larger than women, then
that food which they produced/recieved was "less" food (whether by virtue
of quantity or quality)

on this issue it is important to note in many of the early pre-civil.
cultures females did collect the high protein food. Women were often the
collecters of clams, oysters and other seafood which was high in protein.